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    kadairuae  28, Male, United Arab Emirates - First entry!
Aug 2020
11:52 PM +08

Dampers and Air Conditioning

Dampers and air conditioning cannot be separated. Dampers basically act as barriers for some reasons as below:
  • To air for balancing its flow in each part of the duct. They help to regulate volumetric flow and pressure and to shut off air ducts and even the ventilation openings. Dampers act as heat barriers. They can divert the direction of flames in case of fire, and protect the building structure. As in the case of Volume control dampers.
  • To smoke and fire in the ventilation system. It obstructs fire and smoke and prevents a full-blown fire. This is the main function of Motorized Fire and Smoke Dampers. It is same applicable with Motorized Fire Damper.
  • To back draught. They can shut off individual sections of the AC unit and it is very helpful in a multi-fan system. Non-Return Dampers are also known as self-closing dampers or gravity dampers.
From the above, it is clear that dampers are important part of an Air Conditioning Unit and needed to complete AC system. In fact, HVAC systems will not be able to function optimally if dampers are not installed / incorrectly installed.
Because Dampers are critical to an AC unit, chance cannot be taken by procuring them from just any company. They should be sourced only from the leading air conditioning companies in Dubai. This is to ensure quality, service and cost control. KAD Air Conditioning, is one such company and one of the leading air conditioning companies in Dubai. It manufactures centralized air conditioning duct equipment and other HVAC accessories.The Company is ISO 9001:2015 certified.
KAD assures of world-class quality products, the best customer service and a highly qualified team that is dedicated to serving the client�€™s requirements.
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