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    jason09  34, Male, United Arab Emirates - 38 entries
Jul 2021
2:40 AM PKT

Luxury car tinting in Dubai

It seems absolutely important that our cars be tinted to shield us from Dubai’s hot weather that you can get from a professional Audi service in Dubai. Auto tinting is the use of a thin black laminate film on glass of your car. There are some misunderstandings in people’s minds as regards what car tinting is and how useful the function is for them.
You need to know the laws and regulations that apply before you have your car tinted. The UAE has given its vehicles a maximum tinting level and anything else will have consequences. Keep the apprehensions in the face of facts concerning the laws on permitted tints in Dubai and the fine on the breach.
For a variety of otherpurposes, automotive tinting has proved useful. Including:
  • Blocking the heat of the sun – the car’s tincture serves as a buffer against sun-flowing rays, restricting the heat to the inside of the engine.
  • Block harmful rays – The window tint blocks the associated interior damage, such as the car seats and color of the dashboard, and in turn contributes to preserving their quality for a long time when harmful rays are blocked.
  • Keep your privacy – because of the decreased visibility from without, car tinting can help maintain your privacy or even illegal acts of theft.
The UAE’s Window Tinting car laws are structured to ensure citizens’ optimum security.
VLT or Visible Light Transmission is the light intensity seen through the window. With the manufacturer’s purchase, the car will have an existing tint hue. Regardless of what number, you shouldn’t surpass 50 percent of your window tints (manufacturer added).
In the past, the UAE Law allowed 30 percent visual light transmission. But the amendment to the 2017 regulations, taking into account the severe climate conditions in Dubai, increased the rate of dyeing, which requires a VLT cap of 50 percent for your vehicle. You must have less than or equal, 50% of, your window tint and factory glass tint. Failure to abide by the law could lead to an AED 500 fine and 30 days of vehicle seizure!
Depend on the type of car, the cost of car tinting in Dubai could amount to AED 1000 to AED 1500 (small sedan, medium SUV). Depending on the selected tinting film form, content and brand, the average cost for large SUVs could vary from AED 1500 to AED 2000.

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    jason09  34, Male, United Arab Emirates - 38 entries
Sep 2021
2:24 AM PKT

How to Select a Good Car Ceramic Coating

A car ceramic coating used after car polishing in Dubaiis a multifaceted, multi-functional product that also helps maintain your car's natural cleanliness. What could be more enjoyable than driving around in a shiny, clean car? With a car-ceramic coating, you can say goodbye to all that hassles brought about by constant cleaning of your car. Face it: no one really likes the time-consuming and monotonous nature of manually cleaning a car.
There are various types of auto coating available nowadays from various manufacturers and many of them promise you that they can give you that shiny look and the durable finish that you desire. However, not all of them live up to what they say. In fact, a lot of car-ceramic coatings and their products don't live up to their promises. There are some who even produce super quality car coatings while there are others that offer only the best. To help you find the perfect car protection against dirt and stains, here are some things that you need to know about car-ceramic coatings:
Price Tag:
You might think that a price tag is just an added feature. The truth is, there is a right car coating and those that offer high durability are quite expensive. The reason why car detailing in Dubaicosts so much is because there are a lot of car-ceramic coatings that are made of low-grade materials that easily crack and dissolve after only few months of use. The low-grade coatings will not last for long and after using it, you will notice that it's discolored, rusted, and needs a thorough cleaning process before it can again look its best. This is why it is important that you make sure that the car protection coating that you will buy is made of materials that are durable.
Car protective coatings can be both low-grade and high-grade. However, the most durable ones are made of ceramic material. It is very hard to scratch this type of protective coating since it is usually impenetrable.
Resistance to Ultraviolet Rays:
This is another factor that you should check out when choosing the right coating. When dealing with a sensitive surface such as your windshield that gets exposed to ultraviolet rays from the sun, you have to make sure that you get the best overall protection.
Prior Experience:
A good prior experience is also essential when purchasing any kind of car-protective coatings. You need to make sure that prior experience speaks in favor of the durability of a certain material.

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