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    antho  62, Male, Sri Lanka - 74 entries
Jan 2018
7:19 AM

Family trip to Cadjan Wild - Yala

Trip was organized by tania on a offer by Terrina . Family with Ryan . Left colombo on the 3rd at 8 am reached the hotel at 1 pm. I drove the distance. Relaxed the entire day . Terrina and Ajith gave a surprised visit and stayed. 4th morning went on safari 6 - 10.30. FOS not sight leopard but encountered a a lone elephant. Went again evening safari 3- 6 pm. Ajith and Terrina joined . We saw leopard . Stayed in the camping room.
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    Lovesong  57, Female, Nebraska, USA - 5 entries
Aug 2012
8:10 AM -05

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    anashi  35, Female, Malaysia - First entry!
Nov 2017
2:05 AM IST

A Bus Ride from Golden Mile Tower to Brinchang Hotel

Completed in the year 1974 Golden Mile Tower is basically a commercial property that is solely intended as an office space and also doubles up as a Bus Boarding Point. It is a 24 storey building with its ground floor exclusively dedicated for boarding and arrival of buses. There are quite a few coffee shops located on the ground level for you to sip on some coffee while your bus arrives. Not to forget if you reach too early there is also a moview theatre here with a seating capacity of about 1500. You can catch up on your favourite movies here to kill time. The tower is located in one of the most prime areas of Singapore and is quite easy to reach via an Intercity Bus. In the vicinity of Golden Mile tower there are shopping malls like Bugis Junction, Bugis Cube and the very popular Suntek City Mall. After my journey in Singapore came to an end I was convinced that my next destination was Cameron Highland. The distance between the two bus points was about 448 kms and the duration of the journey was about 9 to 10 hours depending on the traffic condition.

One of the most major bus arrival stands in Cameron Highland is Brinchang Hotel. I figured that this is the best place for a bus to arrive as you can just check out from your bus and check in to your hotel in a matter of minutes. After a tiring Bus journey this place serves as one of the best spots for some refreshments and much needed rest. I booked my bus tickets through Since I booked my tickets almost a week in advance I could get a window seat. The process of booking seats becomes quite easy because of the 3D representation. There were only 2 operators, Konsortium and The One Travel and Tours plying on the route beteen these two bus boarding and arrival points. There were about 6 buses from Konsortium plying throughout the day on this route. Surprisingly, all of the 6 buses had the same departure time that was 10 PM in the night.
There were about 15 to 20 seats in a Bus which was the main reason as to why they had to ply six buses. Each of these seats had ample of leg room and elbow space. The seats were equipped with modern facilities like two bottle holders, charging point and LED entertainment screens. The cost of ticket per head was SGD55. The One Travel and Tours had about two buses plying throughout the entire day one was at 8:30 pm and the other one at 10:30 pm. If I were in your place I would book the 10:30 pm to escape the notorious city traffic. This Bus was a mini Bus and the cost of the ticket per head was SGD42. My experience with Konsortium was quite pleasant. You have to travel in order to experience the same.
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    afreen  40, Female, India - First entry!
Nov 2017
4:28 AM IST

5 Street Shops Spread across India

Street market or flea markets act as a boon peculiarly for folks whose notion of traveling or discovering the city means to replenish their bag with souvenirs. The nearby culture, the pleasant of what is within the fashion and for obvious the dirt-inexpensive premiums are the motives, which make roadside markets the sort of hit amongst home, overseas travellers and the neighbourhood crowd too.

Visiting to cities of India is consistently possible by means of buses. Booking on-line bus tickets makes your journey less complicated, while you order tickets from, all your concerns get resolved and tensions are removed instantly!

Simply read on to search out the record of top street markets in India, which you must go and keep from, should you prefer street browsing a lot!

Night market, Goa: The Arpora Saturday night Market is the most going down and energetic market in Goa, which begins after six within the evening.

Sarojini Market, Delhi: This market sells huge quantity of export material. This flea market is as a rule the first-class avenue market that you just would spot in the capital city. The market is normally thinking about modern-day fashion garments, luggage, and footwear at dust-low-priced costs.

Commercial Street, Bangalore: The spectacular and fancy streets of this flea market caters the quality of fashion. The market may be very good organized and it has bought a class, which differentiates this place from the clich of local markets in India.

Colaba, Mumbai: A road market in Mumbai, which is jam, filled with now not just the local people however with the fashionistas of the city too. That you can entirely believe this high-fashion market of Mumbai to keep your dresser full of contemporary stuff without burning a gap to your pocket.

Baapu Bazar, Jaipur: centred within the historic metropolis a part of Rajasthan, Baapu Bazaar includes nice Rajasthani handicrafts. That you may fill your browsing baggage with the bedsheets, Jaipuri jutti (ethnic shoes) and lots of matters which are more ethnic.

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    SmritaKumari  34, Female, India - First entry!
Nov 2017
2:10 AM IST

Taking a H.K. Travels bus from Pune to Baroda

Some people says that the history and trade of a city decides the snapshot and its type. Being the social capital of Maharashtra a lot may also be ascribed to the best historical past of this location, which has given the nation pioneers like Shivaji and Lokmanya Tilak. Some of the high getaways from Pune are the slopes and the forts around it. There are quite a lot of interesting recorded attractions simplest a short distance from Pune that can be noticeable over a pair days, in the occasion that you simply effectively put together your time proper. Alternatively, Baroda certainly overpowers because of its myriad attractions. Exciting history, bustling shopping streets and regional food are some of the attractive things that pull visitors to this place. Although, there are numerous ways of reaching Baroda from Pune, a bus ride will be the most exciting one, as you are going to surpass scenic hamlets, historic constructions and alluring fields.

Traveling from Pune to Baroda is quite convenient since it has some major bus terminals. I booked online bus tickets from at cheaper rates. I opted for an AC Sleeper bus owned by H.K. Travels. The road journey turned out to be a pleasant one! I boarded the bus from Pune at around 7pm and reached Baroda at 5am.The distance between Pune and Vadodara (Baroda) is 420.0 kms by road. H.K. Travels bus was very clean and comfortable, it gave rest stops too.

There are many bus-boarding points in Pune like Padmavati Parking, Ashray Hotel, Shankar Sheth Road, Fatima Nagar, Wakadewadi, Nashik Phata, Chinchwad, Nigdi and many more. Travelling by bus is easy due to many bus terminals in the city. Besides, the smooth connectivity of roadways help commuters to take up a bus without any hassle. My journey by bus was amazing and the bus staff was very cooperative and helpful.
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    samritakumari  41, Female, India - First entry!
Nov 2017
6:42 AM IST

Quick 3 Solo Travel Tips in India

Traveling all by way of yourself (solo) comes with many benefits and one can experience the actual form of freedom. If goes on good, it is the variety of freeness that some attempt for their complete lives for attaining it. The liberty of going anywhere you like to, eat anything at any time, binge the place you desire to and save when you need to save a lot (without the guilt feeling). Aside from journey and the elation of being doubtlessly independent, traveling solo is a way to be trained extra about yourself, your strengths, and things you never knew you would do.

Listed here are journey recommendations as why you ought to take up solo travelling as once in your lifetime and why you should go solo in India.

Mode of Travel: journeying by way of bus is particularly effortless and riskless across India, take a bus to your vacation spot making your hassles lesser. Booking on-line bus tickets is made easy through , allowing you to undergo secured online reserving system. This online bus reservation portal presents tickets at discounted prices with zero booking expenses. Pick from the array of buses listed and experience the joy of roads leading to your favoured region.

Where to Satisfy hunger:
local meals is tasty and inexpensive, street meals is the first-rate option when you are in India. For a low cost meal try at a regional restaurant, costs are cheap. That you could also are trying meal at a mid-variety restaurant for a nicer meal and pleasant drinks. Go solo and live like a local when in India!
Where to take rest: There are alternatives of moderately priced dorms and hostels; amenities comprise Free Wi-Fi and free breakfast, which are particularly long established. Staying in hostels maintains you reliable, as you are not the one person in the market. Seeing that hostels and homestays are so affordable, camping will not be very well known except you decide to trek.

1 comment(s) - 01:45 PM - 03/18/2020
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    adelinaaie  36, Female, Indonesia - First entry!
Dec 2017
1:29 AM IST

Tempat Terbaik untuk Dikunjungi di Denpasar, Indonesia

Tempat wisata terbaik di wilayah Indonesia, bisa dikatakan berada di Denpasar, Bali. Atraksi wisata ini banyak mengandung unsur budaya yang beragam bagi penduduk lokal di sini. Kuil Sakenan terletak di Pulau Serangan dan Kuil Jagatnatha yang berdekatan dengan museum umum kota adalah beberapa di antaranya. Denpasar memiliki beberapa kombinasi terbaik antara bangunan kuno dan bangunan kota. Hal inilah yang membuat Kota Denpasar menjadi salah satu kota yang harus dikunjungi saat Anda sedang berlibur di Pulau Bali.
Denpasar merupakan tempat wisata yang ramai dikunjungi para wisatawan sepanjang tahun. Namun, di pinggiran Denpasar suasananya lebih santai dan tenang, tidak seperti suasana di pusat Kota Denpasar. Hutan bakau di Denpasar selatan dan Desa Budaya Kertalangu di arah timur laut adalah beberapa tujuan wisata yang harus Anda kunjungi. Anda mungkin akan menikmati perjalanan wisata mulai dari pusat kota sampai beberapa tempat bersejarah yang berjarak tidak jauh dari sini.
Saran Perjalanan: Saya sangat menyarankan untuk memesan tiket bus online dari website ini dan melakukan perjalanan dengan bus sambil melihat-lihat pemandangan yang indah. Harga tiket bus murah dan memesannya secara online akan menghemat banyak waktu. Pilihlah dari berbagai bus yang tersedia dan manfaatkan waktu liburan Anda sebaik-baiknya!
Berikut adalah 4 atraksi wisata terbaik untuk dikunjungi di Denpasar dan di sekitar kota.
Pulau Hiu: Pulau ini pada dasarnya adalah sebuah ponton besar, yang terletak agak jauh dari pantai timur Pulau Serangan. Pulau ini mengundang Anda untuk berenang bersama dengan para hiu. Hiu di tempat ini diberi makan dengan baik dan cukup tenang, berenang dengan spesies hiu ini cukup aman dan cocok untuk segala umur.
Candi Sakenan: Bisa terlihat bahwa candi ini terdiri dari 2 kompleks candi, masing-masing dibangun dengan batu karang kuno yang digunakan sebagai alternatif batu bata di masa lalu.
Museum Umum: Di dalam museum ini terdapat berbagai koleksi seni serta etnografi, prasasti kuno, keramik, patung porselen, barang rumah tangga, alat pertanian, senjata, alat ritual, lukisan, wayang kulit (boneka bayangan) dan banyak lagi lainnya.

Pusat Kesenian: Pusat Kesenian Denpasar adalah tempat wisata utama dan tempat yang paling disukai karena setiap tahunnya diadakan Festival Seni Bali di sini. Biasanya festival ini diadakan dari bulan Juli sampai bulan Agustus setiap tahun, selama festival berlangsung pusat seni menawarkan pameran selama seminggu dan pertunjukan seni live di berbagai auditorium indoor dan auditorium outdoor. Pusat Kesenian Denpasar adalah bangunan yang telah dibangun berdasarkan arsitektur tradisional Indonesia. Pusat seni juga memiliki teater seni di ruang terbuka yang dapat menampung kurang lebih 6000 penonton, pada saat tertentu tempat ini digunakan untuk pertunjukan kolosal baik modern maupun tradisional. Pusat seni ini dibuka untuk masyarakat umum di tahun 1973 dalam waktu satu bulan. Selama satu bulan ini ada beberapa kegiatan menghibur dan peragaan seni yang diadakan di sini seperti tarian tradisional, kegiatan budaya dan pameran seni. Tempat ini adalah salah satu tujuan paling populer di kalangan penduduk setempat maupun di kalangan para wisatawan. Jika Anda mengunjungi pusat seni pada hari biasa, mungkin hanya akan menjadi tur kecil untuk mengagumi patung-patung luar biasa yang banyak memperlihatkan sejarah Bali. Pengalaman Saya� berkunjung ke tempat ini cukup menakjubkan.
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    loreincandy  39, Male, Malaysia - First entry!
Dec 2017
2:38 AM IST

Best 2 shopping hotspots in Malaysia and reach them by bus

Kuala Lumpur and Bukit Bintang is considered to be a one of a kind shopping convention in Malaysia. The malls here house some of the most premier and luxurious brands. Shopping here will surely pinch your pockets but you will definitely be happy with the experience. Featuring brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci ad Hermes the malls also feature their very own indoor theme park. If you are looking forward to buy some cool gadgets you should head to the Yat Plaza. People also flank these places for its exciting range of dining options catering to local and global cuisines.

The buses that ply in Malaysia are well known throughout the world for their punctuality. There are bus stops right outside the entrances of both these malls so there is no hassle of interchanging buses. I personally recommend you to book your bus tickets from as it will spare you the ordeal of carrying cash and change with you all the time. You can pre book your bus tickets, pay for them online and just forget your wallets at home.� Traveling by bus is catching up with the Malaysians in recent times thanks to low cost and reliable services.

Berjaya Times Square

It is the go to place for youngsters. It is located right opposite the Amoda office block and is 48 storeys tall. It is a shopper’s paradise. Since the mall is located in the commercial hubs of Malaysia, it is quite well connected by bus. Buses arrive at the Berjaya Times Square at regular intervals of 15 minutes. There is absolutely no need to hail a taxi as traveling by bus is the most convenient and economical mode of reaching here. The mall is home to more than 1000 retail outlets and 65 different food outlets. Shopping here will definitely leave you spoilt for choices. The mall opened to the people in the year 2003 and has since then seen millions of visitors. With 650 rooms, a pool, gym and a sauna the Berjaya Times Square does not fail to impress on any front! Book your bus tickets now and have a lifetime of an experience at this man made marvel.

Isetan Kuala Lumpur
The mall has some of the highest amount of Japanese made items. It is located in the prime area of Bukit Bintang and can be easily reached by bus. Although it is connected to the Bukit Bintang monorail station, I still recommend you to reach here by bus as the monorail experiences frequent delays. The Isetan mall stands tall at six storeys and has all imported products on display. Baked goods, wines, snacks and alcoholic beverages, the mall has it all! There is also a huge food court here housing the usual fast food chains. There are some restaurants here that will serve you authentic Japanese dishes. I recommend you to visit the super market as there are quite a few unusual things for sale that might be of some use to you!!
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    tawnyatonkin  41, Male, Philippines - First entry!
Feb 2018
3:46 AM PST

Palm Tree Resort and Restaurant Olongapo City Zambales: Catering Services

Want a location with maximum flexibility? Or perhaps a location that offers freedom from interruptions?

The Palm Tree Resort offers you the opportunity for both simplicity and success for your special event. From events inside the Resort with access to our private beach, our Catering Team can make sure your event is a positive, unforgettable one!

From A to Z, your Catering Sales Manager will provide assistance with location, menu creation, decor planning and any special touches you might need. For family events, awards dinners or cocktail receptions, your Catering Sales Manager can work with you to create your ideal event.

Our knowledgeable Staff will take care of all those not-so-little details during each of your events. This team of true professionals is always visible and ready to take care of all the fine points of your program!


During your stay, we�€™re certain you will especially appreciate the dining options at the Palm Tree Resort. Whether you�€™re in the mood of Freshly Caught Seafood, Steaks, Our Daily Specials in a rustic nautical setting, International Cuisine on our Menu, Pasta & Pizza, or a breath taking Dessert, let us take care of your craving.

Ranging from exquisite gourmet fare to casual, family-friendly dining, The Palm Tree Resort offers several dining options for your next visit. Our array of foods are uniquely exceptional and are sure to satisfy the most discriminating palate.
Our culinary team is unmatched, and our service is renowned. It�€™s just another example of our commitment to excellence.


"A perfect wedding in a perfect setting."

People often remark that the most appealing thing about The Palm Tree Resort is its sense of genuine. So when couples choose to exchange their vows here, it feels especially romantic. Sincerity resonates among the trees, and love sparkles on the water. Simply put, it just feels right. Bridal parties delight can be arrange, while groomsmen typically prefer golf and our nearby entertainment venues. From intimate unions to grand affairs, your guests will feel every bit as loved, cherished and honored as bride & groom.

The Palm Tree Resort offers a variety of traditional menus & dining styles. And our Special Event Manager and Executive Chef will be happy to prepare custom proposals to meet your Dream Wedding expectation.

Your Palm Tree Resort wedding and reception will become a cherished memory. Making us part of your wedding party is a natural choice.
1 comment(s) - 02:43 AM - 02/09/2018
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    petrfil  30, Male, California, USA - First entry!
Feb 2018
12:15 AM IST


Innsbruck by the night is one of the most happening cities of Austria. This alluring capital of Tyrol has something more or less for everyone.For having a comfortable trip having self drive car hire Innsbruck Airport is a perfect means. From panoramic views of Alps to thrilling winter sports, delicious cuisine and a vibrant night clubs-bar scene Innsbruck is all in one location for spending a quality time and enjoying your vacation. Below listed are some of the best night clubs and bars in this marvellous Alpine city.


One of the major party venues of students in the city and a popular local choice. This bar hosts live DJ every Friday night and you will find more of 80s and 90s music playing here. Their own beer is served and also a range of cocktails, mocktails and other drinks is on the list. It is a great place to enjoy food-drinks along with amazing music.


Grab one of the best self made beers and local food for a great price at Theresienbrau. Located in the heart of town in ��‚��“Maria Theresien Strasse��‚��this bar is popular for its unique choice of beers along with Vintages and Spirits. A disco, smoking and non-smoking areas are also there.

Innsbruck is a busy tourist spot, where visitors come all year round. Making reservations is recommended specially if you are coming for special occasion. Just like how to book Innsbruck car rentals or hotels every information regarding these clubs and bars is available online.


One of the vibrant American-Style location, Rox Musicbar is great place to enjoy a drink accompanied by most popular hits of 80s. Warm cosy place furnished with wooden interiors also hosts live shows of variety of sports and games regularly on several screens. You can just sit and enjoy live game having a beer or anything from range of other drinks.

360 GRAD

This posh bar is located on the top of Rathus Galerian Mall is a popular choice of locals to sit and spend quality time with friends or special someone. It offers a spectacular views of city and Tyrolean mountains at night. Drink menu includes sparkling wines, draught beers, cocktails, mocktails, standard drinks like martinis and mojitos. Their food is also good.


It is one of the Innsbruck��‚��„�s main go to places for a happening night out. Themed evenings are hosted here. Live bands, Djs are there throughout the week and variety of music genres from hip hop to techno or Indie can be enjoyed here.

Innsbruck is a great place to be on your next holiday destinations list. Innsbruck Airport being an important gateway to city is just few min drive from main city and also serves many international flights.

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