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    TheWannabeKoreanObaachan  33, Female, Australia - First entry!
Jun 2009
3:30 AM CST

An Introduction.. of sorts.

I copypasta'd it from another place. It's unedited. I'm sure you'll get over it.

Hi! I’m Sarah, 19, Pisces, socially creative hybrid camwhoring subculturalist. I live in Adelaide, SA, and have realised that I talk too much and seem to be prone to mood swings (everyone I know: prone? *snorts*).

I’m a very busy nymph. I’m studying for my Certificate IV in Music (Technology) at Adelaide. I’m also a first year in the Advanced Diploma of Arts (Professional Writing). I’m working on a theatre project for the Confucius Institute (Tales of the Global City) AND I’m also a shift supervisor at my local house of pizza (think about it!). Therefore, I do many things.

I’m an electronic musician, with a background in traditional instruments (keyboard – 10 years or so * backing vocals – did for just under two years; really need to start again). Sound is such a fascinating thing to me, so to be able to play with sound in so many different ways is very appealing.

I write. Writing, for me, is an emotional release. I can scream and shout without actually screaming and shouting. It’s great. I’ve worked very hard to get to where I am as a writer, and will be working just as hard to get even further. I’m quite proud of my work. Maybe I’ll put some of my work up someday.

Theatre work is new for me. I’ve never done it before. But I’m working with a ridiculously awesome team, AND the play will be in both English and Chinese!

About the only thing I hate about my activities is my job. It was great when I first started, but now I’m just getting screwed over something chronic. I’m looking to get out, and will be the moment I get another job (anyone looking?).

So I tolerate a lot of pressure in my life. But at the same time, I wouldn’t have it any other way. It makes my downtime so much more fun and awesome!

Ambitions? Many. Suicide Girl. Successful published writer. A totally kick-arse live electronic music performance. Fame, fortune and all that jazz. Never having to work a proper job ever again. Many tattoos. Awesome gravity defying hair.

I love having photos taken of me. I’m vain, I’m awesome, and I love it! I hate photos being taken of me when I’m not waxed. I love my friends and significant other. I dislike the banality that is most of my family. I love having a social life. I hate having to plan a social life around work. I love cute, cuddly animals. Hate big, giant bugs with a passion. I love cooking. I hate cleaning.

When I am online (Me? Online? LOL!) I can be found at many places, either as Shichi Reifujin or the Wannabe Korean Obaachan (or variants of those two) Obaachan, because I’m, according to most around me in the real world, O-L-D. Not OLD, or old. O-L-D. Korean, because I’m currently learning Korean, and Wannabe, because I’m a non-Asian Asian (lol).

So, me in a lengthy nutshell (diatribe!) Thanks for stopping by, and don’t hesitate to talk to me further!

1 comment(s) - 02:50 AM - 07/10/2009
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    Garrulous  32, Female, Ohio, USA - First entry!
Nov 2008
3:09 PM EST

About This Blog

Hello and welcome to my blog! In this post, I will be introducing myself and what this blog is all about. =] So, I guess I should talk about myself first, huh? Well . . . my name is Natasha. I'm a seventeen-year-old high school Senior. I love writing, singing, blogging, reading Tarot, and hosting talk shows. I will be hosting talk shows on a site called TalkShoe under the username GarrulousNatasha often. I'll post links soon, I hope. =]

This blog is one of a hundred. I'm doing something that I don't think anyone has ever done before: use one hundred blogs at once. I'm calling it the "100 Blog Challenge." That basically is having one hundred blogs on one hundred different sites. The same thing will be posted per site. However, certain sites have unique features which I will do independently. When I add new things to those blogs, I will post about it at the end of the entry. Of course, if they are little things asking what I'm doing, I will not notify people of those changes since it's something casual and not too important.

I was supposed to start my blogs at the end of August or beginning of September. So I have been keeping my journal since August 31st. So I will post them in groups of weeks. So don't be surprised when you see older entries. I was just having trouble getting all the sites ready and I was so busy with school. I won't be able to post daily, but I will try to post often. As time goes on, I will stop using certain sites. My ultimate goal is to find the best of the best for blogging sites. As I cut down on sites, then the more I will be able to post.

My blogs will not only be journals about my life, but I will also post things you might like to know. Sometimes I will post blogs about things you might not care about. I like to be funny, so expect humor. =] If you post a comment, I will try to get back to you. I can't promise it, though. Because it's easier to comment people back when I receive e-mails saying I have received a comment. Some sites do not offer this so if you comment me on one of those sites, I will try to get back to you but I can't promise that. =[

If you have blogs elsewhere and would like to see my blog there, let me know. I have some popular sites like MySpace, LiveJournal, Xanga, and many mean others! So feel free to ask me if I have a blog on a certain site. If you'd like a list of all my blogs, just let me know. I also have sites that are popular but do not offer blogs. This way, I can keep in contact with my . . . fans; assuming I'll get them one day. =P I'll try to post links to my other blogs and sites from time-to-time. I also have Yahoo, MSN, and AIM if you would care to chat with me there.

I'm sure I'll make changes to this post as time evolves. If I do change it, I will link to it from other posts for everyone to view. But, I will also most likely post what I have changed. =P You will notice that I make things bold, italicized, and I will underline things too. This is what each means in my blog posts (in my blog . . . grammar usage of them does not apply =P):
Bold = Something important that you should pay attention to; titles and such.
Italics = Something that I'm putting emphasis on . . . sort of like in literature.
Underline = Something that I want to point out; I won't be emphasizing it, and it won't be as important as something in bold but it is something I'd like to point out.

If you'd like to contact me, you can send me a message (depending which site you're at) or e-mail me. I have three different e-mail addresses, but I mostly check I hope you guys take care! Thanks and bye! XD

~Natasha, The Garrulous Lady

P.S. "The" isn't supposed to be capitalized. But, in my case, it is like a title. =P Because I am The Garrulous Lady.

Garrulous - Talking much, especially about unimportant things.

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    taioca  43, Female, Maryland, USA - 5 entries
Jan 1985
5:48 AM EDT

Introduction to: It can happen to me, why not you ?

���� People always seem very skeptical when they know I’m in dental school. I noticed their disbelieve immediately after I tell them what I study. I even told my husband to keep a close look on people's� face when I tell them I’m a dental student, just so he can report to me later. At first , my husband was sure it was my imagination, but he came to realize that peoples expressions were a little off, not to say "shocked".

���� I always considered myself a hardworking person. �I was never an "A" student or a "B” student. I was more the "C" or "D" student. Not because I did not work hard. It was more the opposite to be sincere. I worked so hard; that it was hard to believe I was a C - D student. I came in terms with myself�“I was just not the brightest" I did not see anything wrong with that. Until, when people would call me names like “slow", "stupid" or " God I give up you won't get it". That is when i started to realize that maybe I was a little slower than pretty much everyone in my class.

���� Growing up in Brazil, I had many other things to worry about than school. I grow up with my�dad and grandmother. We were not a rich family; I matter fact my dad struggled to make the ends meet. My mother is American and my dad is Brazilian. I always wondered�what was my mom�thinking when left me in Brazil at the age of three. Now� that I am living here in the United States, I understand perfectly why she did what she did. My mom always want us to have what she never had a " family".

���� My mother left my sister, my brother and myself�the care of our grandmother. My brother was from her first marriage. Now my sister and I were from her second relationship� ... I really don't think I can call that marriage, since she was never married to my father.�

���� My mom left us at a very young age. I remember her vaguely when I was little. I fell like a lot of the emotional struggles I have today were a result of her leaving us. I never blamed her for what she had done. I think it was very brave of her to live all her kids in a search to better their lives. With that being said, I think if wasn't for her living us; I would never be able to get an education here in the states or ever have meet the love of my life. That is why I’m a true�believer that�there is always a reason for why God does what he does.

�� So, here I start the journey of a lifetime. Coming out a poor city from the north of Brazil and ���not know any English at all; At the age of seventeen, I left all I ever had, friends and family to come and live with a women that I� barely knew. I had to learn a new language; new culture, and� a new life.�

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