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Feb 2008
7:46 AM CST

Texas State Parks- Review #2

� I really love reviewing the Texas State Parks so here I go again. As I said previously, this is just my opinion. (Go check out the state parks and get an opinion to share.)

Goose Island State Park. I think this is my favorite. I absolutley love it. If you are a bird watcher you better be ready. It is just above Rockport and a hop, skip and a jump from Port Aransas. The people here are very friendly. Camping is spread out all along the park. My favorite is in the front along the wall or whatever they call it. Each of these campsites has a covered picnic area with water and electricity. I believe they are $20 a night. I like the ones right on the waters edge. I put the tent up just far enough from the ocean to keep the tide from coming inside. It is so relaxing to hear the waves along the wall. Be sure to bring extra rope to tie from each leg of your tent. It is very windy here. Closeby this camping area is showers and bathrooms. A long lighted fishing pier goes out into the ocean. You can also wade fish off the little islands and shallow waters. Be sure to get up early in the morning between 5 and 6am and get out to the pier. Most mornings the dolphins will come in to play. They are amazing. If you don't catch them you can go to Rockport around 9am and catch a dolphin tour. I think it is around $20 per person. They also have sunset cruises to watch the sunset on the ocean. Cranes, pelicans and seagulls are numerous along the parks waters. You can also head a little north on I-35 and watch for the signs to Aransas National Wildlife Refuge. This is a must see and is only about 30 minutes from Goose Island. There you will be able to drive thru the area and also stop along the way and hike the trails. This can be an all day trip if you would like. At just $5 for the day, you can't beat it. If your kids are curious, like George, they will love it here. Please watch for snakes. We saw a Cottonmouth our first time there. These are very poisonous water snakes. Besides snakes there are wild turkeys, armadillo, wild pigs, javalina (javalina and pigs are not the same thing.), numerous types of birds, alligators (big ones), rabbits, deer, and other wildlife. You can�hike up the trails or up the big tower to the observation deck. It is beautiful. They allow fishing in designated areas. You can also get� binoculars at the office, on loan of course. There are bathrooms at the observation deck and the front office but I don't recall seeing any�else where. Be sure to have some snacks and water. Also make sure you have gas in your car. The drive thru is about 15 miles long and go slow so you can see all that the refuge has to offer. You can also purchase gifts and a few refreshments at the front office.�

I know, I got off subject. We must get back to the state park. So, we were discussing camping areas. When you first enter the park, to the right are some roads for primative camping. Remember these areas have no electric or water and bathrooms and things are�scattered. There is a lot of nice shady spots and some nice hiking trails in this area. This park has a bait shop and rents Kayaks. There is also a boat ramp.�Once you pass all that and go across the bridge, you will find to the left an RV area. Almost directly in front of you, if you continue to drive straight, you will drive right into Stinky�Beach. I believe it is called this due to�the algae that grows there in the summer. Don't take my word on it though, check it out and read the sign they have posted. It does kind of smell sometimes. This is where a lot of people swim or�seine for bait. I can't see how�people can swim right there. Every time we seine we get a net full of jellyfish. Wear your shoes in the water at�Stinky Beach. The Exxon up the road�sells some medication for jellyfish stings. You may want to carry some with you anytime you go to any beach. Don't forget the sunblock while you are getting ready to go out in the sun for the weekend. This park is always clean and the people who run it are helpful. I think they even have stuff they do in the summer such as wildflower trails, fishing with a Ranger, and tours of Big Tree. Big Tree is a very, very old live oak. I think it is over 1000 years old. Can you imagine, surviving hurricanes and gulf coast storms. Wow!��It is a must see.

This park is one of the Texas State Parks that loans out fishing equipment. McKinney Falls and some others do as well but we will discuss that park and others later.

In conclusion, if you want a nice park, with nice people, and a great view- this is your park. I would love to be a park host at Goose Island State Park!

Just my opinion! :)

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