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Oct 2007
1:18 PM EDT

so. 20 hours on a bus. i met many, many interesting people. I arrived in binghamton early and, when I called connor, he was still asleep and suggested that I find my own way to the college. ok. it's a damn good thing that i am not him and am therefore self-sufficient.i knew that he didn't want to figure it out and i certainly didn't want camden to have to get out of bed to come get me. i caught a cab and half way through the ride connor calls: offering to call a cab company. i tell him i'll be there in 10 mins or so. i arrive at the door in 10 mins. i text him and he takes another 10 mins to get ready and come see me. and i love him. and hugging him was the best thing id done in months. i had a wonderful time and i didnt want it to end. (except for one occasion where he alluded to the fact that hehad sex witherin...and it really wasn't necessary to bring it up). he was so sweet and he took very good care of me. we fit back together like we used to. and yet, im still conflicted. very conflicted. i love him so (so) much. but he seems so young. he so scaredaround others and so effing full of himself when we are alone. for someone who is too afraid to ask his brother to take him to walmart, he sure inflicted quite a few bruises on me. ....what am i saying? gah, wtf is wrong with me? this just doesn't make sense. i don't make sense. my whole life aches right now and i just can't quite poking it to see if it still hurts.
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