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Oct 2007
6:56 AM EDT

i know that i'm fickle. i accept it/persecute me not etc. etc. *ahem* what the HELL am i doing? why on earth am i going to see connor? huh?!?!? my own idiocy astounds me. i cant...i cant even think of words to express how stupid this is. wow. dangerously in love--my ass! im a wreck...again. threw up twice this morning. this is supposed to happen when you have a family and you get busy and right before a kid pops out. this is not supposed to be happening at the very thought of a relationship! please, please, please, don't let me get hurt. i dont know who i'm asking. just for now, just this once, let me not get hurt. let bad things happen but dont let me feel them. or...i know it's too much to ask but just let the good things come? aahhh...i am totally bringing my bright striped body pillow and blanket for the bus ride. it might make me feel better.

he better be there to pick me up on time.
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