Dec 2009
8:10 AM EDT

�okay this is a duet poem that me and my boyfriend made hope you like


as we drift away from each other

her love stays with me as I leave

his love stays with me as I cry

I know things are hard

and I know things are right

but as I touch the glass looking back

I collapse and drift out of sight

I stop and run to her

feeling his presents I wake

I hug her for comfourt

and I cry knowing this is true love

as I hold her I look into her eyes

the broken hart he is mending

the empty soul she is filling

The love he has for me

and the love she has for me

he lays a kiss on the cheek

and she hugs me

I hope he doesn't leave

and I hope she doesn't cry

The love we have for each other

stays with her

and stays with him

for all etrunaty we shall only love one another

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