Dec 2009
8:06 AM EDT

okay I don't get it im ready to just give up and kill myself I wont go into details but my step dad is being a complete and total douchebag. I might have over-exaggerated with the killing myself part, but I am in a mental dilemma. I'm going through a lot of shit with my mother and step father I'm sick of hearing them fight everyday and night I think this is the one place were I can be myself as I always wanted to be but everyone has stopped me from doing it before " As we walk the road of sadness we find the things that make use whole we believe that trying is worth wild but beyond this road we decide its stupid and difficult as we think of the jealously of use as we rise to see the sharpness of owner outer edges we believe we found the answer until the answer is no longer see able we jump we dive we multiply or divide into ourselves as we walk this road of sadness we wish we didn't fight we wish the other was there then we decide that all we have to do is believe in ourselves as we find each other again we found out what sadness is like without another so we attach and never detach again as we decide to never walk this road of sadness again without one another." That is the road of sadness its a poem that I have written but I still feel that way I wroght it over a year ago and i still feel the same way.

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