Just another sad story...

Dec 2011
8:35 AM CDT

Found poem: A Dream

I can't remember
Last night's dream
So I'll tell you another

A man
Sits quietly�in his chair
Watching the waves crash into the shoreline

But all around him
Everything is exploding
Like a mirror when it hits the floor

And yet
He sits in his chair
Smiling, like it's the best day of his life

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Feb 2011
7:10 PM CDT

Ick I have to take the MME and the ACT this week, im gonna die!
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Nov 2010
1:05 PM EDT

Inboxjouranl isn't working again.... it wont let me sign in! ughhhh So now i have to use the thingy on my igoogle page but i can only post things, i cant veiw them or read them. NOOOOOOOOO
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Oct 2010
5:53 AM EDT

My inboxjournal isnt working... im pissed!
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Sep 2010
12:12 PM EDT


Wow, so many new ppl... It's kinda scary.
I miss all of the orignal users...
3 comment(s) - 05:17 PM - 01/21/2021
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Aug 2010
7:51 PM EDT

Why do�I always feel like Im being used? Oh wait! because I am. Silly me, how could I forget??
1 comment(s) - 12:55 PM - 08/11/2010
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Jul 2010
6:51 PM EDT


So the other day my bff Molly and her BF Dan set me up on a double date with Dans cousin Jared. We all went to see Dispicable Me. (really funny) Although I missed a few parts here and there... lol It was tons of fun. Plus he seems like a really nice guy...

My puppy is still limping around the house, and yet my mom wont take him back to the vets... Poor buddy.

So tomorrow (saturday) Im heading to and IBRA horse show tomorrow, Hopefully I do well, b/c if you place in the right spots you earn money. Its kinda like gambling. If your first or second your garunteed money, but if you fall in "the hole" your screwed and probably wont earn any money at all. On the down side, theres suppost to be Tornado warnings since the weather I guess will be perfect for that type of thing...

Oh, and my exchange student Hannah is coming next saturday. Cant wait to finally meet her in person!
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Jul 2010
7:17 AM EDT

Fair week, Friends, & My lil puppy, Michigan Adventures!!

���� So I've decided what song I will use for my free style riding pattern next year. Its called 300 Violin Orchestra by Jorge Quintero. Its pretty cool. I think Im going to teach my horse to bow... for the end of the song. Who knows. And I think I'll have one of my many trainers help my come up with the coreography for it. Fuun! hahaha So this year for fair Im totally pumped. My friend Kayla and I have like MAGER plans to prank my�sister hard. Its gunna be tons of fun.�O, and we might have like five or more kids staying in our camper at fair. O.o Now that will be crazy. B/c My sister, Kayla and I�already created enough chaos with just us in the camper. hahaha�And we like just found out this year that Kayla's mom could hear everyithing that we were doing last year. And no, it was nothing innappropriat. lol Pinky Promise

���� I think the one person I miss on Inboxjournal from the old days is brokentearsRcryd92 She was an AMAZING writer. In fact one of her poems even got published. O.o It was pretty good, not gonna lie.

���� So yesterday I was playing with my lil puppy Buddy outside. Well he's not exactly little. He weighs 95pds, thats three more than his dad! Not to mention He's only 10months old!! Buddy is a silver lab btw. Anyways we were playing and let me tell ya, this dog can run!! Well he took a turn to sharp and hurt his front leg. So my mom ended up taking him to the vet. Luckily he didnt break anything. At least thats what the vet said. Not to mention he listed off a TON of different possibilites that could accure in the next few days. Ugh, its frustrating b/c Buddy wants to run and play, so Im constintly telling him to lay down. But only b/c the vet said to have Buddy lay down as much as possible.

���� So my friend Molly and I went to Michigan Adventures on Tuesday. Soo much fun. Anyways When we were getting on the Thunder Hawk, some older girls were talking to this little girl (she didnt understand english) So when these to girls realized that she didnt understand english, they started talking to her in Spanish. Well when the little girl still didnt respond, they started laughing at her!!! I was sooo mad. As it turned out she spoke french. Lucky for her I took a little bit of French this year. As it turned out she had lost her family and was trying to find them. So my friend Molly and I stayed with her. It was really cool. and in the end I found her mom. And yeah everything turned out to be okay. I was soo happy when we found her mom! It was totally the best part of�my day. hahaha
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Jul 2010
6:13 AM EDT


I miss how Inbox journal used to be about expressing your feelings and the ups and downs in your life. Now others use it as a form of chat site or w/e. Ugh's its annoying.... Someone just shoot me now, so that I can be put out of my misery! haha jk. But still its very aggravating.
1 comment(s) - 12:22 PM - 07/15/2010
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Jul 2010
8:23 PM EDT


I hate dreaming. I know thats a weird thing to say. But i do. Im not gonna lie, at one point I loved it. I always went to bed wondering what I would dream about this time...

But things have changed. The other night I saw Matt... in my dreams. For me this was odd. Its been months since I last dreamt of him. I keep telling myself that Im over him, ever since he decided to turn his back on me. "B/c he lives in a 'big' house now" It hurt alot when he left. I wont lie, I cried for a while.

I wish I hadn't lied when he asked me if I liked him,all those years agao. I should have just said yes. Instsead I hid away everything I felt for him, like the dumb blonde that I am. Pathetic I know.

But he's gone now, so I should just stop prattling on about him. Although I wish he wouldn't treat me like a stranger,�or a�person who's infected with the black plague. Im sure you would be hurt if someone close did this to you...

All I need to do know is move on, and I have. Its just those stupid dreams that threaten to appear the very second that I close my eyes. I HATE IT! All I want is for them to just go away. Im sure someone out there is pulling the "Its a sign" crap. Yes, well its not. How could it be? HE's gone.

Matt used to be a really sweet guy, one that looked out for me and was always ready to comfort me when things got tuff. And know look at him. HE's selfish, only cares about him self! He acs as if he never new me. And theres only one word to discribe him, TOOL! well thats at least the one catogory everyother girl who knows him has put him in. And the truth is, is that its true.....
1 comment(s) - 10:33 PM - 07/20/2010
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Jul 2010
8:08 PM EDT


If Javi was to ever get in contact with me ever again. I would tell him to go listen to the sang called: Pray For You by: Jaron and The Long� Road to Love

I would also tell MAtt to go listen to this Undo It by Carrie Underwood. Speaking of which, I had a another dream of him. But first lets go back to the begining....

Matt was my first friend when I moved to MI. We met at the basketball court on the culdisac, deep within the woods. At the time we were both 9 almost 10. We went on so many adventures when we were little. We ran cray through the woods, balancing on the fallen tree's, laughing when we pranked my sister. Playing in his tree fort, we even rebuilt the inside together. =P ONe of my favorit memories is when we were in his basement (when I was 12) and we'er watching pirates of the carribiean; Black pearl. And as we watched it, I could hear him whispering every line to me. And we continued to have tons of fun. At the lake, the beach, on our bikes racing down the road, playing hide and seek....

Then everything changed. He moved only a few miles down the road, into a HUGE house his parents had built. As for our friendship, it quickly turned into nothing. Why? B/c Matt lives in a cool, big house and well, I guess that makes him to "cool" to talk to me anymore

Maybe thats the part that has always bugged me. His not caring. I can walk by him a dozen times in the halls at school, and if Im lucky. Maybe he'll notice me once....

I know its time to let go and i have. Its just the memories that haunt me, so to speak. Matt has become suck a jerk that alomost all the girls in my grade have put him in the "Tool" catorgory. B/c he'll play with your heart and then just dissapear. Or he's a strait up A**. Well I've already said to much So I'll just leave everything at that, until next time that is. =) Lucky you huh??
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Jun 2010
10:01 PM CDT

Dumb people....

Why do people insist on posting their cell phone and home phone numbers on this site? Or why do they insist on saying stuff like,

��� "Hey! Whats up everyone?"

Ugh.. its soo anoying. I'm sry if I sound bitchy, but this is not a chat site. This is�a site where you can seek advice from others, post HOW you feel or what happened that day or w/e, not

�� "Im bored, so you should call me!"

Gawd! Really? And it takes me alot to get pissed off about this stuff. I dont care if someone does it a few times a month.. or once in a blue moon. But to post silly crap like that ten or more times in a week? Come on.... and to post several diff. things in one day. UGHH! Why not wait until the end of the day or something, or go back and add to your orignal post, so that theres not five hundered million posts on the same page!! From the same person!!

And yes Im truley sorry if I sound like the biggest bitch ever, but it is annoying to have to sift through them, if you know what I mean. And no, Im not saying that everyone does this, I try not to even post to much, cause I know how much it annoys me.. see? I stick to my own rule hahaha

1 comment(s) - 11:54 PM - 07/01/2010
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Jun 2010
7:09 PM EDT

Just another day

So today my dad had my sister and I make a a list of what we wanted to bring to NY with us. Then he went on tot say that while were driving up there that we would not be stopping at all unless he had to fill up the truck. Being the smart ass that I am I had to ask "But what if we're (my sis and I) are having you know, feminine problems?"

I about died laughing when I saw his face!! Not to mention my sister fell out of the chaire she was sitting in becasue she was laughing just a little to hard. haha

Nothing to interesting has happened besides that. I did how ever finally get my drivers permit thought I should have had it back in Feburary but, I tend to procrastanate things like that. hahaha. Javi will be on his plane back to Spain here in the Next 24hrs. I dont feel to sad yet, but thats probablly b/c it hasnt really hit me yet,u know?

Well Im tired soo yeah ttyl
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May 2010
7:09 PM EDT

All Alone Again

As I sit here in my window seat
Barely noticing the cold, windy, breeze
I realize that Im alone
All aver again

Everything had been great
Giving�my restless heart a break
For once I was happy
Even carefree

Slowly things began to change,
You showed your true side
And I showed mine
I guess it was all a game to you
But what I felt was true

As I sit here,
I begin to tremble out of fear
Of what I might do
To get back at you

But revenge can never heal
The gape you made inside

It was partially her fault
For breaking us apart
Because she got in between us
Leaving nothing worth rescuing

Who would have thought
That it would all come to a sudden stop
Everyone warned met not to,
But I just had to know you

Maybe it was for the thrill?
To show that I do as I will
Even if it was against her will

But�I eventually�gave in,
And told him it had to end

So here I am
Sitting all alone
Lost in thoughts
That need to be forgot
6 comment(s) - 04:48 AM - 11/04/2010
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Apr 2010
7:27 PM EDT


Recently a thing has formed between me and an exchange student. He's from spain and will be leaving in a month and a half. He told my sister that he thought I was "the one" =D The only draw back is that he'll be leaving. But he said that�he wants me to come to spain and visit him. I dont know how well that will go over� with my parents but its worth a shot. Cuz who wouldnt want to spend time with a guy they really like in SPAIN!!!???!!!?? lol

The down side is that my sister really likes him, but he likes me and i like him. She's trying to make me choose between the two, and I know that in life u cant have everything. But I dont get why i cant have everything in this sitution. You know? Not to mention its not�fair that she's trying to make me choose between the two of them. Cuz its really stressful at times...�Well I've got to get to bed so night everyone!!

2 comment(s) - 06:31 PM - 04/28/2010
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Apr 2010
8:05 PM EDT

I feel like that traped bird...

Over the past few weeks my sister and I have both fallen for the same guy. He's an exchange student from spain and really nice/cute. Well as it turns out he really likes me and doesnt like my sister. So now she's upset and starting one fight after another and so on. Its crazy how jelous one person can be. If I was her I would be fine if the guy i liked wanted to go out with her. In fact I would be happy for them. I wouldn't go around saying a bunch of crap and sending a bunch of rude txts to her and stuff. But its ok for her to do that??? really? I mean why cant she just leave us be? It would make things easier and less complicated but, no she cant. And he's tried being nice to her but has given up since she's gone out of her way to make me and his lives horrible.

The other day she was bitching (sry for the lang.) at him and saying that he needed to back off and not talk to me (um u cant go around telling people that) and flipping out like a hormonal teen that she is. Then all of the sudden at the end of the day she's just fine and saying that we should go out and stuff. But then she turns around and "magically" gets upset when he says he'll ask me out like she said he should do.

Why is this happening to me? I finally found a guy that i really liked this time and she has to go and mess things up. it sucks big time. But I guess i can understand cuz she apparently really likes him to.

If anyone has any advice on what to do that would be great! like you have no idea!!!
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Apr 2010
6:41 PM EDT

Our Secret

Some days I�think�I need�you,
But we both know thats not true...
Everything had been so great,
Until it all turned to hate...

You where always there for me,
Whispering ever so faintly...
Holding me tight against your chest,
God, those days where the best!

But then you moved away,
All to my dismay...

You turned your back on me,
Then laughed out loud all to�freely...

He said it would be our secret,
Yet its so hard�to keep�it..
When I�watch�him�pass by,
Pretending,�he has nothing to hide...


1 comment(s) - 04:49 AM - 11/04/2010
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Mar 2010
6:38 PM EDT

Bounty Hunter

��� So I went to the movies the other day with my friend Molly. She's soo funny! Well we went and saw the movie bounty hunter, incase you couldn't figure that out by the title. Lol. Anyways one of her guy friends was there, Nick. He was going to the same movie... alone. So instead of sitting by my friend Molly (to the Left) where there was Tons of seats and an old ocouple. =P He sat by me... in the only seat left. Hahaha. As the movie was playing I started to notice that he continuasly kept looking over. So I was like "OK he's looking at Molly cuz he likes her of w/e" Apparentally I was wrong cuz half way through the movie he started pressing his leg into mine. lol So myabe he does like me who knows?? Tho he did tell Molly I was "good Lookin"�Hahaha
��� According to Molly he's a really nice guy, and I could use one of them right now. I've had to many incidents with "the Players" at my school. Its kinda getting anoying honestly. Aaron from the dance thought he was gonna play me and get layed b/c I was an innocent little girl, who didn't know how to say No. Well he was wrong and I've been ignoring him cuz he's not worth my time nor effort. You know? Well I gotta go know... need my beauty sleep lol jk. Wtyl!!

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Jan 2010
5:51 PM EDT

Out and About

So as�I look back on all of your guys entries Im sad to see that my fav people have dissapeard, kinda like I've slowly been doing. I dont mean to, its just that I've been so busy. I cant seem to write poems anymore. Maybe it was just a fase... idk well I hope all of us oldies come back for good. Cuz I miss my lil buddies on here 20


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Nov 2009
3:03 PM EDT


Somedays I yearn for your touch,

While others I run from your clutch...

I wish I could forget you,

But your like that unwanted tatoo...

Etched in my heart,

With no end or start...

Somedays your all I want,

So much that your smile is like a painful taunt...

You once held me close,

And picked me up off my toes...

But all has�been�forgotten,

As quickly as it�once was started...

1 comment(s) - 09:54 AM - 12/14/2009
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