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Feb 2008
4:40 PM EDT

a poem

Yes ppl it's that time of year again, that's right Valentine's day is fast approaching and anyone who knows me knows that this time of year depresses the crap out of me so i have written another poem about it


You owe me nothing

Not even a tear

It's Valentine's Day

Yes it's been a year

I'm dead and hollow

sitting here

Limp and numb

As seasons pass

Yet still you blink,

not one lash.

Summers gone

And winter's passed

So in my wrist

I carve a gash

At first it trickles

Till at last,

My vein's run cold

And life has passed

In death there's warmth

And summers last

Again we're friends

Just like our past

And again my friend

I learn to laugh

But that was then

and this is now

So I stop to wonder about how

How it came to this

Is this the end?

But still I have one question then

My Question is;


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