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    puccy15  27, Female, Michigan, USA - 20 entries
Mar 2009
5:44 PM EDT


On facebook everyone keeps putting me as "the drama queen", "the dramatic one",or "the slow one"! WTF people?

Am I seriously that bad or are people just that mean? I mean, Brandi's more dramatic than I am&& she's always acting depressed. Yeah she'll smile and laugh every once in awhilebut she usually is in a bad mood or keeps to herself (sorry to whoever likes her)

I hate high school. to much drama for me to handle. Sometimes I wish I was a senior and school was almost over, because then i get to choose if i want to go to school or not&& and if i didnt want to then i didnt have to.

ooooo i love all these colors i can choose from. they're so pretty.

i'm kind of wierd right now. i'm really bored and theres nothing to do and no one to talk to except emma (no offense)

i dont want to go to school tomorrow. altho freshmen are designing t-shirt for the service learning project which is all im looking forward to besides spring break and summer. other than that i dont think theres anything else to look forward too. all the dances are over except the junior and senior prom (blahk!)

i cant wait for this weekend. im going over to my friend gabbys house and her cousin smmy is coming over and we are so gonna rock out!and we get to paint the basement of her church (which is my old church). and then i get to hang out with all my friends from there likechris and brooke and maybe steve if katy isnt there. katy doesnt like me. i dont know why, she just doesnt. anyways she dont matter. i wonder if brittany is still a big prep...

im cold. my house is cold...heat! ahahaha. i just turned up the heat. yay.

i am soo bored and dont feel like going to bed or finishing my science homework. which i should do because i cant fail this trimester or i have to retake the class over summer or second trimester when im a sophmore...i'll just finish it in the morning. so i think im done with this entry because its probably really long...

Love ya'll

Tags: boredom, hate
1 comment(s) - 10:00 PM - 03/11/2009
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