Crazy in Love! but he doesnt know it

Apr 2009
5:18 PM EDT


to answer that question, i dont really know what i take for granted. i mean i work for everything i have and i love all of the things i earned and all the things that� were gifts from friends and family. like my ipod (i paid for that) and then my guitar, which was a gift from my�dad. and then my cell phone, i earn that by babysitting my four younger siblings and working lot around the house, keeping it clean(trying) and�also working outside with my dad and�my brother.

i use to�think i took my friends for granted but then i realized that i really need them and that theyre there for me. and i want them to know that im here for them�too. like when one of my best friends really need someone and me knowing i can trust my mom, told her�my bffs situation and momma helped bff.

okay that was kind of weird but very true�

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