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Sep 2008
3:52 PM MDT

Entry #2 The first phone call with Emily AND Janette

Entry #2. How original I'm sure no one could think of a better title. I'll change it....someday...

Its Monday, I have to say I had a great start of the week! Yay!!! First thing first, tomorrow we have the cross country orienteering race!! Man, it's gonna be fun, hope we win first!

*sits, staring at screen* uh...how do we write journals...this is awkward. I'M NOT A JOURNAL PERSON. Let's get advice from Janette, who's on the fone! yay!

I was on the fone with Emily today and we attempted a three way with Janette...hehehe chaos for the next 15 min with everyone hanging up at the wrong time, pressing the wrong button etc

�Argh! it was like yes! Janette's on the line and then uh oh...Emily hung up on me by accident AGAIN...then to make things worse I had to eat. Luckily I was allowed to eat and talk.

�Janette and Emily are my awesome friends and I hope they become great friends too!

I just got an incredible idea for this entry's title!!

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