Holly's Journal

Jun 2007
11:23 AM EDT

My cat is dying. Bill collectors are hounding me for stuff that isn't my responsibility. My daughter is moving halfway across the country in a month. Her prickhead father won't even talk to me about it. My whole body stings and itches. My joints ache horribly. Hell, I walk like Quasimodo! All I need is a bell but I'm too exhausted to ring it.
You know what? I am still happy. Nobody can take that away. All those years I was suicidal and wanted to die. Now I may be dying and I don't want to go. I am with a wonderful woman. I write and sing funny songs that make people laugh. I am finally getting along with my parents. I have lots of friends that care about me. I am a good person. I know I am in for a helluva fight. So bring it on!
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    About Me: ecclectic eccentric

    Interests: guitar, songwriting, singing, painting art, reading, gardening, creative writing, hanging out with my 12 year-old daughter

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