Holly's Journal

May 2007
9:36 PM EDT

�� The ice cream party went well.� I was very sociable even though I felt like #$%*.
�� I performed at an open mic tonight.� This one was new for me.� There was hardly anyone there because of the holiday.� There were some young kids so I could only do my clean songs.� I sang a kid's song with them.
�� I joked about the stuff we use to clean out our cat Deena's ear.� (We think it is infected.� Gonna call the vet tomorrow.)� It is called "Oticalm".� I think that is misleading because she is anything but calm when we use it.� She is sooo smart that she runs away�when she sees us with the bottle.� I believe in truth in advertising.� It should be called, "Otifrenzy" instead of "Oticalm".� The commercial could be, "Try new Otifrenzy.� It'll drive your cat wild!"
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