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Jul 2012
3:23 AM CDT

Taking Control

The second date that Shawn and I had went pretty much as it did the first time, unfortunately, for a relationship sense in terms.� However the difference this time was that I went away with a clearer understanding of not only who he is and what I am capable of accepting on a personal level but that we truly can only be friends at this time in his life.

He's very much stuck in place with his personal life, not something worth finding fault in, but he's not ready to move on, that much is very clear and to continue pursuing something with him would only prove to be something that he would be pushed into, and that is not my style.

He was married for 16 years.� They have been apart for only 2.� He has a lot of marriage ghosts that either he doesn't know how to get past, or he is just not willing to move forward.� He also has a young son who seems to understand the divorce issue, but is very adament that neither of his parents can date or even talk to someone of the opposite sex.� That is another issue that Shawn needs to not only work through for himself, but he needs to help his son too.

At this time I have to stick to my guns and insist that any further contact be strictly in a friendship manner.� He is a great person, despite the issue's that we dealt with while I was there, I really enjoy our time together.�

He called me this afternoon while I was out and about stating that he wanted to talk about my decision.� By the time that I was able to actually call him back, he was unable to talk as his son was with him.� So tomorrow he is suppose to be calling me, what he has to say is completely unknown, but I will listen to what he has to say and go from there.
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