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Aug 2007
5:36 AM EDT

ok the morning has just started,and I dont want to be here. I dont know why this is. but anywyay I saw an apartment yesterday. It was nice nothing to complain about. Daniel is still in Va and I am concerned that joey may decide to try to kidnap him. I would go to Va to get him if he tried anything. Zay is on the same shit. I think she thinks she is fooling me. What she is really doing is making a fool of herself. Curtis and the kids and I took a ride sunday night. I know what was supposed to happen aftewards. I remeber the pastor's warning about giving the devil room to come in. Also about not being alone with men especially at night. I prayed a quick prayer for an escape, then my period came on. I swear this is not a mere coincidence. God has a sense of humor.

I am stressing about alot of stuff, most of it which I wont give a voice. Oh yeah the pastor called me, we chatted briefly. Something was right with that brother. I cant define it with words. I know something was weird or a litlle of kilter with him. I pray he doesnt come at me with some bullshit. I respect it and want to belieive its reciprocal. After the hell I went through with Michael. Have to take a hiatus.
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