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Aug 2007
5:22 AM EDT

cant seem to pull it together. I am so fucking angry I could really hurt a mother fucker. Mike Fleming the slum lord refuses to return my money. Last week I was evicted I started to type convicted lol. I m work but not really here my mind is on so many other things.

Daniel went with Joey last night to Virginia . That is what I needed. He should be getting his stitched removed soon. He should stay off that damn fence like I have told him so many times before. He seemed to be content to go off with Joey. And Isaiah is content to be with my mom. Zay swears she knows everything freaking thing and that she is grown. My question is that if she is so grown then why did she come back to my house? I didn't seek her out, tramps up and down the street and beg her to make my life more difficult.

I don't know what to do about my current living arrangements. Sunday I was ready to take it to the bridge literally! I need my money from the slum lord he makes my skin itch as if I have some incurable disease. It's obvious he has taken a liking to me that is not mutual. Can you say yuck? Last week the dumb bitch in payroll jacked up my check. So I had to wait two weeks which will be this Thursday.

Even though me and mother don't see eye to on most things she could relate to all the bullshit Iam going through alone.

Curtis makes me sick to stomach talking about how much he is giving me for her which a damn lie straight from the pits of hell. He is living well while Im struggling just to keep clean clothes on her. My washer broke I told zay to stay there so the service people from lowes could have access to the basement. Of course I got much attitude. I want to punch her in face, she swears she is some type of goddess that one should bow down and worship. I think she forgot who I am! She has all theses suggestions about how and what I should do with mine. All I got to say is that grown people don't live with their mother's.

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