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Aug 2007
8:51 AM EDT

ok here we go, I chose this color because it matches my current mood i feel like shit. my birthday was on monday, the bitch from department of social service just called me. All she does is get on my damn nerves and try to pump me for fucking information that she can uses against me later. zay is on some bullshit she sneaks out of me house all hours of the night, last night before she tried to escape I informed real grown ups dont do this. she swears she is so damn grown , yet depending on me for everything. Including the air she breathes which i want to cut off quite often. Daniel is in virgina with joey and he is very much enjoying himself. He was working my last good nerve,I was about to snap on his little yellow ass. Isaiah is with my mom and doesnt want to come home right now, this works for me. So the only person home is princess, zay doesnt count.
today is the eighth shanay is suppose to be coming home after doing a year in a girls home. My life is moving very fast, I still have no where to go with the children. Iam stressed out, the jerk mike refuses to return my six hundred and fifty dollars. the apartment is a shit hole literally! All the walls have there own color;flourescent pinks, blues and greens. Mike calls this "art", I on the other hand call this a hot ass mess! Oh I failed to mention that the apartment has no runnning water, no toiliet and the icing on the cake is it that it has no electricity.
Mike came on to me, i think that is the reason why I wont rent the apartment .
I am turned off by men right now, not sure how long this will last.
Curtis came and got me from my mom"s yesterday that was nice. However I know that he does nothing without motive just like me. While he was driving i said I have a secret to tell you. He says "what your're gay". I explained to him that I suffer from s.s.a. or what some refer to as s.s.a.d.
He thought I was lying or perhaps trying to shock him. Why is it that the few people I have chosen to disclose to dont believe me or have a hard time accepting it.
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