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Oct 2009
8:21 AM EDT

Daughter for daughter?

Dear mother,

you've hurt me you see,

you could never believe in me.

Can't you see that.

dear mother,

you chose between your own daughters,

left one for the slaughter,

and stole the other one away.

Dear mother,

you hurt your own daughter,

or did i hurt my-self?

Dear Mother,

Why am i satan's child from hell?

Well wat if i,

grew wings and fly.

would you believe in me the way you should?

Or what if i,

broke down to cry,

would you hold me like you should?

Or what if i throw my self out a second story window,

would you care for me,

dying in my own reflection,

can't you see?:

You chose between your own daughters,

only if I was smarter,

Maybe you would've choosen me?

You chose between your own daughers,

and now one's no longer,

willing to fight,

since you left her life.

Dear mother,

I'm sorry for who i've been,

but you can't change who i am,

so i let this go....

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