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Aug 2008
6:10 AM PDT

Didn't Listen

Tim told me the same thing that he didn't listen to the signs of his bad relationship.� He thought that as long as she's with me, everything is okay.� Patrick also said that his ex girlfriend didn't look at him in the same perspective again.

Grid lock

One will make a decision to seek help or leave...get out of the relationship.

From the Church, this is wrong.� But N has turned her back in her previous relationship without looking back.� Her personality is like that.�

She cares about the material or regrets that the credit cards are paid off and she didn't get to enjoy the house.

She seems less caring and emotionally not available at times.

Tomorrow's the appointment with Dr. Jack.� Today, I'm feeling a little bit better.� Map wrote She said, "I generally believe things work out the way they're meant to be so don't be too stressed out. �Everything's going to be okay. �You're probably just at a turning point in your life....maybe."� Strangly, I was angery to see that.� But later it calmed me.� There's nothing I can do.� Waldo suggest that I can't rush Nin because she has her own time to return if she so chooses.� MJ advised me to keep my door and heart open for her return.� Hang in there and I should write to her everyday even though she doesn't write back.� I am not to put limitation on her.� I told MJ that I don't want to play game.� MJ said that I should be open and honest.

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