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Jul 2008
7:31 AM PDT

I'm just depressed right now.

I don't like people leaveing me.� And one has.

"Research by Robert Emmons, a psychology professor at the UC Davis, found that people encouraged to keep 'gratitude journals' were far more satisfied with their lives than those who weren't encouraged to accentuate the positive."

I'm thank for for the sunny weather.� I hope that N got home okay to her family and to her destination.� She is so smart and has so much potential.� Maybe being with me held her back.� I love her so.� I really want to be with her though.� She does so much as learn so much and accomplished so much that some times I don't think I deserve her.� Now she leave me and I am sad and feel the loss.� I'm thankful for the time that she gave to me.� and I think that she views the time as a waste and has told me so.� What happens when a marriage begins fresh and new and full of love and then turn into bitter pain.� I will try to recount the time of sweetness.� My gratitude towards her grace and her warmth and her support and companion.

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