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Jan 2010
6:29 PM EDT

not always

When you were a kid, everything used to seem so simple, easy, even exciting to go through.

As you grow older and get educated you begin to realize how hard life will be for you, and it is almost scary, like you don't have enough time, enough strength, or even enough brain to go through what life requires you to go through...hehe

I wish i could see the world how i used to see it, so i could see life in a better, positive way, like everything will be fine, and that it is easy, that your purpose is to make your life better.

But if you think that way, than you'll never satisfy yourself. You will keep looking, searching for ways to make your life better, even when you reached what you thought it was your dream as a child.

Life today is so much more complicated. I� wish it was simpler.

I feel like in the future no matter how successful you are, it doesn't stop you from working. In the end you'll be so tired that you'll look back and wonder how much real happiness have you gone through compared to how much you tried to make money.

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