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Nov 2009
6:28 PM EDT


Normally I wouldn't consider myself as a weak person, but...tonight I realized how much more work I had ahead of me... and I feel so overwhelmed by all of this. I know that I shouldn't complain and just be happy to be one of the lucky people who would wish to be in my place, but sometimes it just tires me. I feel like I haven't really done a lot, but I feel so tired, as if I've done everything I could possibly do. I'm talking nonsense right now.... I just want to talk or in this case write whatever I want to write, even if it doesn't make sense, and why am I explaining myself to a computer now???

hayayay...whatever.... I wish everything would be over and done. not really, it might be too fast... haysh!!! i don't know, i think to much, but it is not what i want or need to think about.

i should be thinking of math and econ, not what is going to happen to my life, or how do i really feel about my current life, or whatever else that i don't really need to be thinking about.....hay!

oy oy....God gave me this brain, but you know what� God? i can't control my own brain! it doesn't follow what I want it to think about. anyways.......... i will try, once more, to let my brain concentrate on this econ book. bye bye!

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