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Nov 2009
6:30 PM EDT

when will it be or how we should be...

Today I watched a movie called 2012. It was about the end of the world. I know that we will never know when the end really is, but even if we could learn when it would be, we would never be entirely sure on what, how, and when it will happen. When the world is going to end isn’t really what I would like to write and it isn’t also what really caught me in the movie. It was more of the selflessness of most of the characters in the movie that moved me. It made me think about how different people could be like when it will actually happen. People of today still have some humanity and love inside of them, but as time passes I’m afraid that it is fading away, and my fear is that by the time the end of the world will comes the love and care of one another would be gone. The selflessness was what I believe kept them going, striving for survival. There were a lot of kind people in the movie, but there were also those who wanted the chance for survival all to themselves, and that kind of person is what I’m afraid people will become. I know that I shouldn’t worry about this, because I probably and hopefully be dead before that time comes, but it just bothers me that people might end up killing each other instead of helping each other.
Life isn’t always what we planned it to be or hoped it to be, which is why we should do our best to make our lives worth while living. It is easy to say, but I try step by step in making my life better than it what it is, by being kind to people and listening to those who need someone to talk to, or even merely someone to be with. Life isn’t fair, and all we can do is make it ours to enjoy.
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