The Chronicles of a Sauls

Mar 2009
8:39 AM EDT

The Next Chapter

���� Well, Its been awhile since my last entry.� The roomies are about to move out.� I just havent had the consistency that I�needed out of them...and I have had my fill of animals here lately.� they have a boxer that drives me crazy because it likes to piss all over my carpet.� Whenever they move out, they wont have to worry about my carpet...I WILL.� Even though I need the money that they DO�give me, I am ready to have my own house back!� So begins a new chapter...what I really need is a good woman who is responsible to live with.� NO MORE�CASUAL�ROOMMATES!

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    About Me: I'm laid back and like to have fun..anything other than that is probably stressful and a waste of my time. I am easygoing...I can be serious if I have to be though..I like heavy metal music and sports...especially football. I'm just on here to catch up with old friends and meet new well as pass time when I'm bored..I hate sour cream, watermelon, coconut, chocolate-mint and cucumbers...everything else as far as food goes is fair game.. I am a homeowner....and as far as the ladies go, I am a single man looking for something solid....I can hold a job and pay my bills...I am honest and straight-forward kids or back acne or black teeth...and oh yeah, i keep my rat-tail trimmed. I hate stupid, unnecessary drama and anyone who brings it along..take that shit somewhere else please. I'm just looking for my "partner in crime." I am loyal to my brotherhood. I will ride into the last battle with them. In the meantime I'm eatin cornbread and bein' cool.

    Interests: Football, Heavy Metal/Rock N'Roll Music, Loyalty, 80s Nostalgia, a cold pillow at night, A shot of Bourbon on the Rocks, Games, Ancient Egypt, Medieval Times, Science-Fiction, the outdoors and hanging with quality people who aren't shady.

    Favorite Music: The Metal mostly, but I appreciate any good music. I can either listen to Pantera or Classical Music.....lots of variety but substance is the key!

    Favorite Movies: Call me a nerd, but I love Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. I also like the Back to the Future Series, Braveheart, Spaceballs, Gladiator, Pet Semetary, Heat, The Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal, Red Dragon, Terminator 1-4, Stargate, Being John Malcovich, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Army of Darkness, Pulp Fiction, Full Metal Jacket, and many more.....

    Favorite Television: Law and Order SVU, Legend of the Seeker, Discovery Channel, Sportcenter, NFL network, My Name is Earl and the Office, WWE, Headbangers Ball, King of Queens, Cosby Show, Fresh Prince, Court TV, The Dead Zone, Quantum Leap, Family Guy, South Park.

    Favorite Books: Most of my reading is in Magazines or on the internet, therefore I do not read as much as I did in my youth. ...usually science-fiction books or something in the fantasy genre will hold my attention. Horror books are good too.