It's My Life...And I'm Doin Me Now!

Dec 2008
7:36 AM EDT

Wow...been a really long time!

Its been almost a year since I last posted here.� I have been really busy, concentrating on my classes!� But, I am done now!!!!!!� I graduate tomorrow!!!!� Really excited about that and hope to find work fairly soon.

Other than that....awful lot has happened that I would like to document here, like....history has been made!� We now have our first African American President, Barack Obama!!� Pastor is working on getting my daughter's school to include her in on the trip with the chorus to the inauguration in D.C., January 20th, 2009.� It's a big deal and he wants her to experience this historical event.

A couple of other things have happened which I will not mention because it has come to my attention that certain people are reading my journal....and they don't need to know anything about some things!���

Oh yeah, I have, since the last time I posted, Mikki and Vernell got married�on May 17th, the wedding itself turned out nice, yet prior to the wedding, of course there was some DRA-MA!!��Sis. Cynthia S. moved over to become the�President of the Senior Ushers, and referred me,�and I have�been appointed as Junior Usher Advisor at�the church (myself and Donna C.)� Our Pastor�also requested and�appointed me as Class Leader #11 for New!� It's all good though's time!� It's time that�I have a relationship with God, and not just be "a member" of the church.� To be honest, I am struggling a little with it because it is so easy to slip back into those old ways.� Also, Sis. Jackie Y., who is the�Pastor's�assistant (right-hand person)�is looking for assistance with her work in the church, as she is very overloaded, and maybe looking for me to assist her; Assistant to the Assistant!!��� Anyway.....

Other than that, I a really working on making some changes for myself and my daughter....and hopefully great things are in store for us both in the near future.

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