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Jul 2015
10:26 AM CET

Bottle everything away

Ignoring my outburst of yesterday and everything that made me feel, in haste I tried finding something to help me forget. Some kind of carpet I can shove all this jumbly thing under. The easiest way of accomplishing this, was to open up a book. To get swept of my feet by some page turning action. That is exactly what I did. I wouldn’t call myself a bookworm, but I tend to read more than most people. This book I picked up, thankfully, had nothing to do with my trubles. It’s one of Stephen King’s books, Doctor Sleep. I have just found it at a bookstore a few months ago, and have been reading it since. I love every bit of it, and am trying to make it last as long as possible, but everything has its end, as it should. But I hope it’s a good one.
��������������� It’s time for me to lay that book on the side and run out into all of the concerts that await me. Exit starts today, and it will be awesome. Fingers crossed I can stay up all night without collapsing. :D Frogs and love, Wolfey.

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