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Apr 2009
3:24 AM EST

Traooed Silence

Trapped silence

Soundproof glass is all around me

I’m trapped in a 6 by 8

I sing a song that no one hears because

No one can relate

Only I can hear myself

They can’t hear me through the glass

My space is very limited

3 steps is all I last

I can’t tell them how I feel

Because they wouldn’t understand

I’m speaking words

My mouth is moving

But they’re deaf to hear the sound

I pace my 6 by 8 And i'm screaming

Let me out!

My mother was never there

and my father let me down

I pray for my mother’s presence

And I call my fathers phone

I speak through his phone

Leaving a message

Saying daddy please be home!

I’m in trapped silence

Words unheard

Kept inside this box

No one sees me

No one hears me

I seem silent but i’m not

I’m just ………trapped in this silent box

By nijah a Thomas


Tags: sad
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