Me, Myself, and I (Join the party!)

Jan 2007
5:14 PM EDT

When you pass him in the hallway... You can either walk on by or go up to him. When he doesn't notice you, you get sad. But usually guys really dont care about feelings well because they're guys. You always get happy when you see him again over and over! but when he finally does notice you you fall in LOVE! THE END! ~Kaitlyn~
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    About Me: I'm Kaitlyn. Nice to meet you (ish). I love the color yellow. It's beautiful. And yes I do wear assorted colored pants. I'm 15 and 3/4 5'3". I'm sorry I'm so short but maybe you're just too tall.

    Interests: Acting. Singing. Bass. Coloring. Painting. Le Television. My Cat.

    Favorite Music: The Beatles. No Question.

    Favorite Movies: Across the Universe.

    Favorite Television: Invader Zim.

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