Me, Myself, and I (Join the party!)

Feb 2007
8:49 AM EDT

Ok sorri I haven't written in like forever my life is wayy to demanding now, between friends ,school, play practice and basketball everythings hectic! I feel like my life is being used so much and i need a break. Do I get one??? Yes its called a weekend, but every saturday I have a b-ball game and sundays I have to get up and go to church @ 9 then curch class @ 10 then I teach a church class @ 11! Then I get a break! Phew! Write me a little ~Kool Yo~ Kaitlyn :)
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    About Me: I'm Kaitlyn. Nice to meet you (ish). I love the color yellow. It's beautiful. And yes I do wear assorted colored pants. I'm 15 and 3/4 5'3". I'm sorry I'm so short but maybe you're just too tall.

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