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Jun 2008
9:14 AM PST


Demonstrating integrity means to me, being a role model in a young souls mind. Making the right decisions when they are to be made, and following what you think will be the right decision. As for me, I have a 9 to 5 job and I feel that Im only limiting myelf to only what is in front of me all day. Im only 20 years old and i have some big things to take care of. I need to get back in school and finish my education, but is there ever really an end to education? To me there isn't and you can never really put a price on it either. Demonstrating integrity on myself would be making the right choice. I feel that lately I have been doing the complete opposite of that. I really wish i could back to school and finish what i started. Well, I will. I have a great ambisson to become someone to fill out my career as a Journalist of Magazine! Today, I felt really sick of where i sit at work. It made me feel that my life is going nowhere if i seriously dont get back into school! I love learning, being able to expand my horizons. School is my life and i need to hurry up and get back in it before i get to old!
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    About Me: im just a girl who is pretty laid back but loves to go out when that time comes around. Family is first no matter what, I love to laugh, shop, gossip, sing in the car extra loud, just pretty much what every girl does but i have uniqueness about me that no one else can imitate, I love life and hope to live it to the fullest.

    Favorite Music: I listen to everything and when I say everything i mean everything! Im pretty open Minded.

    Favorite Movies: too many to name but if i had to name just one It has to be Titanic!

    Favorite Television: not too much of a TV person only watch it if i get really bored!

    Favorite Books: The alchemist, purpose driven life, where the heart is