I Want What They Have

May 2008
9:39 PM CDT


idk wat 2 do. its like i can't get ova him no matta how hard i try. sumtimes i feel like i wana cry about it but mi emotional engine won't let me i guess its tryn 2 tel me dat cryn ova him nd about da situation ain't gne make it betta but i stil dnt kno wat else 2 do cuz i stil have feelns 4 him n their da kind u have 4 sum1 wen ur n a relationship wit sum1. i neva told him or anyone but i did love him nd i stil do n i think dats 1 reason i can't get ova him cuz b4 i met him i waz lukn 4 sum1 2 love n care about nd have dem care about me bak n he showd dat. he did but sumtimes wen i think about it i keep questioning miself did he really care or wuz it all a lie..It seems like he knew wat i waz goin through nd exactly wat 2 do 2 bring me back dwn nd knew if he did it long enuf it wuld take me 4eva 2 get over it cuz i been wantin it 4 so long n 2 bad..well i dk how he did but he did he knew dat i wantd 4 sum1 2 care 4 me n give me dat comfort i waz lukn 4.I feel kind of dumb cuz i fell 4 it nd now i can't even stop thinkin about him 4 dat long its like evrytime i dnt think about him i jus want him more nd i miss him more nd i realize how much i really did love him nd cared 4 him.I neva knew dat mi feelns 4 him or anybody culd b diz deep.Their so deep dat it got me 2 scared 2 try anotha relationship cuz i got dat fear again nd its deeper than b4.I wish der wuz a way i culd get ova him but i guess dere isnt unless he.........idk...im tryn 2 b strong but all i wanna do is cry nd i still have dat letter i wrote him nd sumtimes i read it 2 remind miself y i wanna cry nd y i still think about him........so what do i do? i guess we'll neva b.....
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