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Mar 2007
10:17 AM EDT

Last night I couldn't sleep. I kept tossing and turning. I had a nightmare and it bothered me all night. I just couldn't stay still and I was sweating up a storm. But what else scared me was the way I woke up from this dream. I woke up in a sweaty panic I jumped up from my dream like I don't know. Never had a dream like this before.
When you sleep do you ever feel yourself falling in real life when you falling in your dreams? Do you feel your self wiggle or just drop that it just wakes you up from your dream? Well that happens too me all the time. My dreams I remember most of them but others when there not important I just don't remember. I dream in color and I hear and smell everything it's like I'm really in them and sometimes I love my dreams cause it's me living a great life.
Last night I had a dream that I was just walking like I always do when I'm in the park. Then the day goes on and day comes to evening and I left the park. I went home and took a shower but I was feeling something strange. Like I wasn't alone in my house but I just shrugged the feeling off and I continued the shower. I got out of the shower got dress and walked out of my house. I didn't know were I was going But I did in my dream still don't know. While I was driving the roads were bright and dry. All of the sudden It's was pitch black and pouring. I was still driving and I was stopped by traffic police they said How are you detective. I went to a murder scene and I was taking evidence and just observing everything. I was in my office looking at all the murders I was investigating and I found out a clue that they were all linked they were all women in there early 30's all tall women and all women of the law. They were all off duty police offers. Then I heard a noise and I opened the door and there was my captain. He told me to open this box and I opened it. When I opened it there was a whitebright light it shocked me out of my sleep and I woke up sweaty and out of breath.
It's just I never had that dream and just wanted too tell it to someone.
Did anyone have a dream and a couple of days later it happened in real life. Well most of my dreams I see in my life and sometimes it scares me a lot.... Well bye for now
Janine Berd....
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