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Mar 2007
3:08 PM EDT

I'm told someone that I really cared for that I had feelings for him but he must it took it the wrong way cause I haven't heard from him since. It's been almost a week in a half now. I don't mind him not answering back or not having the same feelings back towards me, but the thing that I don't like it gets me really mad is when I call him too see if he was ok cause the way he left he had an emergency. So I called him the day after too see if everything was ok. But he didn't pick up. Actually he didn't pick up until three days later and said he will call me back cause he was busy. I haven't got the call back from him. What am I suppose too think. You know I get this a lot from men even men I don't tell anything too I just speak my mind and it's like I had too stay shut. Well that F***ING BULL SHIT. I'm not going too stay shut for any MAN or WOMEN. My mind is what I have too show the world that and my personality. I'm not going too stay shut anymore. Well if the time is not right I confront later but other then that. It's Bull Shift that men/women play with people's feeling's no one deserves that. They know it to there just F***ing players. Let's just say " People who don't show love too people that give love isn't worth the scum off the bottom of our shoes" Well that's just my Opinion . Everybody is in titled too there own Opinion.
Just too say it hurts me that he's going too Reunion a good friendship just causehe is a air head and he doesn't know what he want's in life.

The pain I have is aAgony pain it's mostly my emotions getting too me but I can't let them go Ican't cry. I just have too take this experience and live off it and don't make this same choice I chose too do and tell a guy how I feltabout him.

But I regret to say I feel that I'm going too run again this was a step forward telling him how I felt, Now I'm taking a step or two back

1- Have too get too know him really good and not get too close to him.

2- When I feel something and it's getting strong just trunk and walk the other way and don't look back.

Witch I really don't want I want to be happy and to be loved...

Well lets just see what happens it's still early.


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