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Mar 2007
11:17 AM EDT

Have you ever felt? Have you ever told someone how you felt about them and never got the same feelings back? Or have you told them how you felt then all of a sudden they had too leave as an emergency? Then they don't call you back and when you call them too see how there doing they don't pick up the calls. Your probably think three thing's 1- Something happened and there not ok. But what are those's chances maybe 10 out of 100%. LOL. That's a big number but still we don't know. 2- They heard what you said and just avoided that subject and just forgets about you. And just deletes you from there life. Too tell you all the truth that probably happens too a lot of us! 3- Just thinking very long and is just a coward too tell there true feeling back wither it's good or bad. But then there realizing little by little they made a bad mistake. Witch that's very rear. LOL. Well I made that mistake in telling someone I really care for that I have feelings for him. But He must of got it the wrong way I had feeling as a really goo friend and wants to get too know each other more. As I was getting too that part he said He had too go and that it was an emergency. LOL. I haven't heard from him since. Actually I called him too see if he was ok and didn't pick up his phone. Then just a little while I called him too confront him and he said hey can I call you back later? I'm busy. LOL. How many of you people think he's going too call back. They all, I mean we all say that but do we really call that person back? But sooner or later he will feel really stupid and say what they HELL did he do. He just lost a really good friend that makes me laugh and I make her belly ache of laughter. When we were talking one day on the phone he just yelled out " Oh my god we have so much in common" That made me feel nice cause he was actually listing. LOL. Then after a while he text ed me. " Hey I'm going too nickname you Juicy Lips, Ok Juicy Lips ." LOL. That was great cause I never had someone or a man nickname me before. It's just I don't know. He was the first guy in a long time I was getting attached too. But I hope sooner or later he will realize what he's done. I realize what I have done and I don't regret it cause see I made him think of something worth thinking. Just hope he realizes it Well bye for now Janine Berd....
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