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Mar 2007
1:40 PM EDT

Thoughts that are in my head for someone really special. I'm not over you cause I was never on you. Long time passed and I have never met you. I'll never bought you, It's not me too complain. It isn't over cause we never started. You tear me up cause I haven't found you. I never thought I found you. But time will tell. Long time has passed. I'm not over you. I want too be with you dream and when You wake up I'm there. I want too stand by your side, I want you forever. Were are you ??? I want too play with you in every loving way possible. I'll love you in anyway possible you want me too. I want to be your soul and heart. I want you to be by my life when I'm touching my self that's how I want you to make love with me. Show me what it is like too love some one. Teach me your feelings for someone. Cause all I need is you to be with me and I'll show you who I really am. I'll show you the world from my eyes. I'm not falling for you cause your not here too be fallen for. I'll leave my life behind for you. All I need is you. Say it ! Say you love me. Save me from my life and make a new one with me. I have not found any love here were I am now. I need too find you. I'm screaming too find you. But now I'll just wait until your in my heart and in my life. But now I'll just dream of the day when You appear in my life and save me from this mean but beautiful world and lonely but happy life. I'll wait until the day I meet you and declare my love for you and show The world my love for you. In my way. In your way. In our way. But until we wait for that day I'm thinking on how your going too steal heart from this place. Make my heart a prisoner and your my warden... Not in a bad way just in our love you will always have me and I will always have you. Till then were dreaming of each other until the day comes and were set free too see. Who we really are with each other. Hey lets just see It could get really interesting and exciting for that day. LOL.... Well just think everyone we all have someone out there the you have met already or haven't met yet. But time will tell and having time is patients.. " Patients is a virtue".... What do they Mean by that? Oh we will all find out sooner or later........ Bye for now Janine Berd......
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