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Mar 2007
5:30 AM EDT

To tell you all the truth I brag about love. How great it feels and wonderful the feeling too love is. But too tell you all the truth I do not love of my own. I worship the thought of love but never felt it's true powers of it. We a loan for the feeling of love and ask our self's how do we obtain that feeling. But we don't not get the feeling fed too us we have too wait and not look for it. That's what I don't get it will come too us when the time is right. But why is it taking so long we all say. Some of us are blessed with a great gift when You find your love or soul mate then others just can't take the pressure of being alone then that's when we have too settle with a woman or man. It's for all genders come on men and women are looking for the same thing deep inside of there hearts they all urn the feeling of love. They get all excited of the thought of love and just too be with that one that they can't keep out there mind and stop laughing for no apparent reason. Why is that? No one knows. LOL. It's just a great feeling love that in a way takes control of your body and mind and heart. It makes you a different person and too be that different person is so great and you don't care. You change for the best of both or you's and the world that's what you and we all think. When our bad habits and daily tasks just change too add a other person and just live life for the both of you's. To tell you all the truth we all well feel that feeling sooner or later it not form the different sex then you'll find it any sex. Love is love and you can't hide what you feel and no one can tell you other. Your feelings are your feelings, and you have the RIGHT to go for them and take what's yours and keep it until you can't let go. Ok now I'm thinking your saying what the heck is this girl saying. But too tell you a little something. I might still a teen and I just turned of legal age. But no one can tell me How I feel. I didn't grow up with people telling me not too feel my feeling. But I grow up with people not letting me express them cause I was to young. " BULL SHIT" Your never to young for you feeling too be released. It's just your probably too young too let them out in a way that the world could feel what your feeling. I don't know if you guy's are understanding me maybe you do or maybe in the future you will or hey maybe your getting too realize it just this min or even sec. We might not know this now but there is so much love in the energy. I feel, that love energy and I don't want too let it go. Maybe when I meet the right person we will feel that feeling together and he could know How much love we have around us.
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