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Dec 2008
10:22 AM EDT


� wow what do you do when your in a relationship and you dont know what to do anymore??� i am curently in a realationship and we want to take it to the next level and get married...i dont know if im ready... things just never go as planned and i dont want to make a mistake and later on down the road have things go wrong... i am completely stressed and i have no idea what to do...

i am in love� him, but i dont know if i can make the comitment to only spend my life with him... i want to make sure he is the true one first before i make that decision... i hate not knowing..�

all we do is fight about what is going on between us and its mostly my fault cuz i keep bringing up my insicuruties.... i want to know what to do and i hope i can make theright decision!!

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