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Dec 2009
6:45 AM EDT

What I really want

After my conversation wtih my gal friends today, I felt so drained, so tired coz they're so negative. Guys, do u know that u have build�a terrible reputation for yourself ? Women find it so hard to trust u! My conversation with gals always revolve around how guys r cheating on their gfs .I feel so disappointed. I mean, certainly there r honest,faithful, really great guys out there right? So why am I not meeting there yet? I know there r guy out there who think the same - that girls r doing a great job on cheating their bfs as well...but for me, I can really guarantee I will stay faithful to my husband as long as I love him. There is no way I will split my heart into 2.

I just think that maybe it's time my gal friends stop telling me how bad guys r or how upset/uncertain they r in their r/s.

God, just really wish, pple can understand me. Being single is OKAY - I'm really starting to believe in this statement. There's nothing wrong if I'm single and virgin at 25.

�I'm really happy with being myself right now, although feeling lonely, just wished there's somebody to hug me and tell me everything's gonna be okay.

We r really just being more than physical beings. Can we ever look beyond this fact?!

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