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May 2007
8:58 AM EDT

heyy everyone wats going on?? Me im doing pretty good I guess. Well me and Roger are OK..I cant tell if were getting better or worse which sux badly...OK well I got a lil upset and told Roger that I wanted him to start calling me everday that we dont hangout and he got mad and said no...yea like was you cant call your gf once a day..Honestly soo i didnt think he was gunna yesturday cause he was being mean and said no and then he called me and was like heyy y do you want me to calll you everyday and I was like Roger because I do and he was like yeaaa but y I was like just cause i want you to soo cant you do it cause i want you too.. yea well he got drug tested yesturday and thinks he failed cause he drank the nite before..Yea and the thing is if he gets in trouble now it will suck cause he only has 2 more classes.. Soo lets hope that he is ok..I mean yea hes my everything and i love him to death but i cant stand the way he acts sometimes.. I swear like we were sposed to hangout on sunday and he was like can we just wait till tomorrow cause i didnt getta hangout with my friends last nite.. Soo yea i hate how he ditches me for his friends after we make plans and how he ignores me wen hes with them like wen i call or text he just ignores it like i didnt and I just dont know..Wat do you think I should do honestly..well im gunna go byeee
3 comment(s) - 06:11 PM - 05/15/2007
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    About Me: Hi my name is Judi Im 17 I live in Struthers Ohio and I am a Junior at Struthers High School.. I have a wonderful bf who i adore and care soo much about i also have wonderful friends that i would do anything for..I have a pretty gay job but atleaste it gets me money.. I have a great family and thats me

    Interests: I like hanging out with friends, Shoppin, Partying it up a bit.. Fridays are the bests with my girls..

    Favorite Music: Country, punk Rock rap.. Pretty much everything...

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