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Apr 2007
9:23 AM EDT

heyy everone wat is new..Ok now me and my friend jess w are cool i guess.. Butyea anyways im soo excited cause we only have like one more day of school before spring break.OK you all think that I am too young to have sex and that it will bring us apart.. But honestlyI think it is making us closer because he actually came over saturday and neither of us even thought about having sex and ill tell you that I was so scared that having sex with him was gunna make him wanna all the time but it didnt and well I hope it doesnt.. I meanI can say that I love him and that I had sex with him because i thought I was ready and well lets just say i still think I was ready.. The only thing is i feel soo embarressed and stupid because I talked the whole time. I mean who honestly wants their chick to talk the whole time while they are doin the deed..ya know..Cus I dont I meanI love him and I told him and he doesnt love me yet and I can deal with that but he did tell mewen he does he will tell me its just i keep thinking wat if he doesnt fall in love with me wouldnt that suck.. Wat should i do.. Im soo lost..
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    About Me: Hi my name is Judi Im 17 I live in Struthers Ohio and I am a Junior at Struthers High School.. I have a wonderful bf who i adore and care soo much about i also have wonderful friends that i would do anything for..I have a pretty gay job but atleaste it gets me money.. I have a great family and thats me

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