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Mar 2007
9:03 AM EDT

Hey everone how are ya all doin?? Ok well me and Roger are doin great but I have a question.. Does sex really bring a couple closer cus I dont think it does.. Ok yesturday was mine and Rogers 2 months and we are soo cute together and just adore each other well lets just say he was ready to have sex and since he was ready I thought I must be ready but heyy keep in mind we were both virgins and to admit it we didnt really know wat we were doin I mean yea we did because its commen sence but then again we were new to But yea and I swear to God it was not how I immagined it and it hurt like hell and i almost cried and is it a bad thing that i pretty much talked the whole time cause I did and I just couldnt stop talkin and askin questions and shyt.. But yea soo umm yea the thing is I dont think I regret because it was bout time that we finally had sex but at times I see myself crying because if you think about it I kinda am a different person now and it sux and makes me emotional but yet at the same time it excites me i dunno I think my emotions are all fucked up if you know what I mean just please tell me what you think..bye..
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    About Me: Hi my name is Judi Im 17 I live in Struthers Ohio and I am a Junior at Struthers High School.. I have a wonderful bf who i adore and care soo much about i also have wonderful friends that i would do anything for..I have a pretty gay job but atleaste it gets me money.. I have a great family and thats me

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