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Mar 2007
8:59 AM EDT

heyy everyone ok soo im just sittin in study hall and im very bored soo I thought that maybe I would write again.. Doesnt that sound nice.. Ok so I feel like shyt.. My nose is stuffy and I cant breathe and I still have 2 periods before the day is over.. Ok soo that kid Dave I was talking about.. the old friend..well he called.. And he said he wants to hangout this weekend and since Im not seeing Roger this weekend Im gunna hangout with him.. But honestly I know that I wont do anything wrong because I like my roger boo boo to much to ever do anything to hurt him.. Plus me and david are just friends nuthin more.. But yea i would never cheat on Roger because I know how it feels and when you like someone that much you arent sposed to do anything to hurt them.. And I deffinantly like him a lot.. Honestly is it pathetic that I like hiim tunns.. Do U think its a bad thing that I may be falling in love with him.. Do U think Im too young to be fallin in love for the second time in my life.. Cause at times I think Im too young and honestly I would rather not fall in love with Roger rite yet because he has never been in love before and told me that he doesnt know when he will no that he is in love with me because he doesnt know what it feels like.. I told him he'll know that if I found out that I did that he will be able to too..well im gunna go cause I dont feel good and the librarian just yelled at me soo tell me what you think and i will write again later..
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    About Me: Hi my name is Judi Im 17 I live in Struthers Ohio and I am a Junior at Struthers High School.. I have a wonderful bf who i adore and care soo much about i also have wonderful friends that i would do anything for..I have a pretty gay job but atleaste it gets me money.. I have a great family and thats me

    Interests: I like hanging out with friends, Shoppin, Partying it up a bit.. Fridays are the bests with my girls..

    Favorite Music: Country, punk Rock rap.. Pretty much everything...

    Favorite Movies: I like the cute movies that are also sad..and scary movies..ahhh