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Apr 2010
6:46 PM HNT

let me see... I brag about how awesome my boyfriend is because he treats me well. There aren't many couple like us, our relationship is true. I actually have never met a couple like us and just when I though for sure I did.. I was wrong because it turned out to be a break up. I brag that my boyfriend treats me right, takes me places, calls me his princess, tells me he loves me, always kisses me in public, and respects me and everything. I am not really a bragger of anything much but when I see something awesome.. I can't help but show it off. Oh And let me not forget.. GOD is definitely something to brag about. God is awesome and He is the reason for everything. He makes everything possible and He helps us all through it. God is the Awesome one. Without him nothing would be possible so he is definitely worth bragging about :)
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    About Me: I love to read and write. I love to sing and I love to run. I love someone and hope to eventually get him to love me 2. I love you :)