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Nov 2009
12:43 PM EDT

well, I havent done this in a long time but it feels good to get things out. I am not with Roger and never truly was i guess. I have dated a few since then and just cant seem to find anyone worth settling for. I am in afghanistan in the army and finding out that I am worth more then I gave myself before. I am still treated like an object but then girls with boobs are. I am tired alot and am looking forward to resting at home for leave soon.
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    About Me: I am a mother of three with what seems like a lifetime behind me and a life time to go. I have made some very major changes in my life and it seems like most of them are for the better for a change. First and foremost I am in love with a man who gives me quiet strength. He is my rock. He lets me be who I am and comforts me when I need it. I am starting a new career path at 34 and although its scarry I have support for the first time. That feeling is so overwhelming to me because I have never had it. I feel peace when I am home.

    Interests: Everything interests me. I am a very inquisitive person.

    Favorite Music: Again, I love everything. I am very open to new music as well as the classics

    Favorite Movies: anything by PIXAR. I love my cartoons.

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