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Nov 2009
8:20 PM CST

Well it's really late right now but I feel that I need to write something down since once again it's been forever and a day since I last written! I swear! I always mean to write more but I get distracted and never get to it. Well let me see what to talk about. Ok, well Ashlea doesn't work with me anymore, I'm working with this new girl Ambra and OMG she's annoying! We got this new guy today and I'm going to be training him...I don't know if they (they meaning training coordinator) know that I'm still training Ambra because I think we're only suppose to train one person at a time but I really don't like training Ambra cause she freaking talks back too much...I don't know if she means to but let's say she says, "OK, now I enter it into the computer." I respond "Exactly" and she's like, "Yeah, that's why I was saying it" It's stupid. OK, you dumb bitch! I'm just reassuring your dumb ass! Ugh, she really erks my nerves! I'm like why say anything if you don't want someone to respond. I don't like her at all and plus she's slow as hell I'm just like, umm yeah...and ugly. Ugh, I really don't talk about people like this but that girl is something else! OK, well back to the new guy. He's sort of cute. He's like a tall stocky dude. He was a donor so yeah, I remember seeing him when he was going to first donate and I thought he was sort of cute so now I'm working with him and it's sort of like...yeah, haha. Oh, and today he was like, "So do you see a lot of hot girls from here." I was like oh lord, should I tell him, "Naw, but I see a couple of hot guys!" Haha! Mmhmm! I don't know. A lot of people know I'm gay at work least 10 or so...not even sure. One older guy Daniel was like, "Oh noo!" and I was like "YESSSS!" Haha. He was like, "I can't stand to look at you Matin!" with his Mexican accent! But he was just messing because was talking to me in a couple of minutes haha. This other dude Trice always teases me and says like little smart remarks like I got semen on my face or just stupid little shit. I just go along with him and say something nastier like, "Naw, it's in my mouth! I clean up real good!" and he gets grossed out LOL. He doesn't think I'm gay and he thinks it's a choice. Ha! Choice my ass! I told him to choose to like dick and I'll try to choose to like pussy! Yeah, I know where did this potty mouth come from!?! Umm, let's talk about me for a minute! Umm, I've been dieting...ish! I've lost about 40lbs total since June! Woot woot! I no longer wear glasses. Got me some contacts and I'm really getting use to them for the most part. Don't like the weird foggy part after having them in for a while and still takes a second to get them in but no where as near as long as it use to! Well anyways, it's already 2:19 and I need to hit the sack. I'll try to keep y'all updated...try! Night y'all!
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