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Jul 2009
5:05 PM CST

July 8th 2009 Update!

Well I just got off work not too long ago. Got back from a meeting. Oh God, what to talk about. I don't know, it's been so long since I've written on here. I have come out to a few people at work. It feels good to finally be able to talk more freely to certain people. Not everyone knows but some of the people I talk to more often than others know. Mostly the girls, I just feel more comfortable telling them than the guys that I associate with. Me and Ashlea work together every single day that I'm there so I had to tell her first and she was completely cool with it. We now discuss any hot donors...we don't have the same taste for the most part unless it's a realreally really hot guy, lol. More people know too cause of the blog that I wrote on MySpace and I also told my mom. She doens't play a huge part in my life so her opinion about it wasn't really going to affect me. She was cool with it. Just said that my dad would be sad. She didn't believe me at first but then I was like, so do you still love me and she was just like yeah, I still love you. Oh, and then this donor for some odd reason found my myspace and told another co worker about it but she didn't care at all about it. I guess she knew. And then one day he was sitting by the window and he was talking to some other donor about me and I talk to this particular donor once in a while so she told me and my brother that he told her that he didn't like me cause I was gay. I was like, umm, his ugly fat ass better shut the fuck up with his dirty looking ass, haha, I was so mad lol. He just kept on looking at me while he was donating...AWKWARD! I thought he was gay and liked me or something cause he was looking a lot. No sir! I wouldn't play that! Anyways, yeah, so now about 6 workers at work know now but haven't gotten any bad comments or anything from anyone. I really don't care what people have to say about it to be honest. My
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