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Oct 2008
3:53 PM CST

Let me see. Oh, well let me tell y'all haha. Ok, well my cousing dropped her kids off because her and her old ass nasty man were gonna go down to Houston to work after the whole Hurricane...crap, forgot it's name. Anyways, ok, do y'all know how long that was??? Anyways, they were gonna be her for one week. Ok, well anyways, sister found out from my aunt that they were gonna be here for 2 weeks because that's how long they were gonna be in Houston and my brother told me too because something about the people who were gonna go down and work had to be there for at least 2 weeks. So anyways, why were those damn kids here for 5 weeks going on 6 weeks? Ok, well my sister had called CPS on the beginning of the 5th week because my cousin hadn't sent her any money, and she even told my sister that she was gonna send her foodstamp card in the mail and of course we didn't get that either. So it was like, what the hell. Anyways, CPS did give my sister custody and were gonna stop the foodstamps and all that. Ok, well finally my cousin called last night asking to call Rose. And my sister hadn't talked to her in about 2 weeks. She's gonna finally call because guess who got a hold of that nasty old man! CPS! And she was telling my sister this and that about why did she call or whatever and then my freaking Aunt, my cousin's momma called my sister asking her why did she call CPS and this and that. I was just like are you kidding me? The bitch just left her kids here for 5 weeks. What was she suppose to do? And then my aunt was like, well you could've called us or something to get my cousin's number. When my sister told me I was like, I would've cussed that bitch out. Sure in the hell would've. Why should my sister have to call around to find out my cousin's number when we had her two fucking kids. Now that's a sorry ass bitch right there. Ya'll who are probably reading this are like, OMG, you talk like that, haha. I sure do, and I wish I would have been awake when that bitch came too cause I would've told her bitch ass some shit. And I wish I would've talked to my aunt cussed her stupid ass out too. I mean really. Ugh, and her momma is just as sorry...guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. Anways, umm, what else. Oh I went to the gay block party. That was pretty....interesting, lol. There were a few hot guys and a few wierd ones, lol. I think I saw one guy turn his head when I walked by so I was just like, yay, haha. And then when I was walking into this convience store this other guy was walking out and he grabbed my left tit. I said, "What the fuck?" and turned to look at him and he said something in spanish like he was trying to look sexy or something like squinching his eyes a little and stuff. I was like, umm, yeah, lol. He was older looking, probably in his 30's but he did have an ok body. I don't know, lol. No one reall hit on me or anything so yeah. Plus I was with my family and I'm not out yet. We just went cause of my cousin. Saw a lot of neat looking costumes. Ok, well let me go, and as you can tell I'm not typing with my new phone which by the way I really, really like, just wish the keyboard was a little bigger for my fat ass fingers! Lataz y'all!!!
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